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A New Day for Anglican Compass: A Guide to Our Redesigned Site

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Behold, a new day has dawned at Anglican Compass!

You may have noticed a significant change of appearance when visiting us over the last few days. Believe your eyes: after a few months of planning and building, we have a beautiful new website to help you navigate the Anglican way.


Of course, this site has more than just a new paint job. The most exciting changes are under the hood: a new structure and new features to enhance your experience and serve the next generation. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of those big improvements.

But first, how did we get here?

Our Story in Brief

Founded in 2011 as Anglican Pastor, we began as a simple blog of short posts about the Anglican way of being Christian. Over the years, the content expanded to serve a growing readership, from newcomers to church leaders. We became the digital front porch for the Anglican way.

But our website itself had some shortcomings. It was still formatted like a blog, which didn’t suit the amount and quality of content produced. It was challenging to navigate and search, and it didn’t provide a great platform for its own content or its contributors.

After our leadership transition in 2022, we took time to assess the ministry and plan for the future. First, we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and brought on a full-time editor and a small staff team. Next, we focused on the site itself, aiming to make it curated, searchable, and supportable.

You’re looking at the result. For the last four months, we’ve been working with our web development friends at LimeCuda to create a new site that is beautiful, inviting, accessible, and authoritative. It reflects the ethos of clarity and charity, our hallmark in the Anglican world.

So, what’s new at Anglican Compass?

So, specifically, what’s new? What has changed? Well, look around, and here’s what you’ll find.

The Home Page

The home page is all about hospitality, presenting a warm welcome to visitors and those on an Anglican journey. It offers many ways to engage and explore our content: a featured article, recent posts, links for seasonal content, Sunday lectionary reflections (Today in the Spirit), and our various content categories. And everyone will appreciate the top navigation, which enables easy movement around the site.

The Article Pages

The core of the Anglican Compass experience has always been the individual article, and we are excited to make it more beautiful and more functional. On the beauty side, we situated images to greater advantage, added a new title treatment, and adopted a modern serif typeface with classic qualities (Arno Pro). On the function side, we improved spacing, block quotes, tags, author bio, article recommendations, and comments.

The site has a vastly improved search bar and Resources page. You can now easily find what you’re looking for amid our 1,300+ articles written since we began in 2011. In addition to the search function, you can quickly locate articles by their author (all of whom now appear on our Leadership & Writers page). And if you’re confused about any term you come across, you can also use our improved (and improving: we need your suggestions for terms!) Anglican Glossary.

Category Pages

Our site now makes much of our key categories, each of which appears on the home page and has its own landing page:

  • Rookie Anglican – Our popular entry-level guides to the Anglican tradition.
  • Spirituality – Devotional articles and pieces on spiritual health, disciplines, warfare, etc.
  • Arts & Culture – Articles on the intersection of Anglican Christianity with creativity and beauty, particularly through music, literature, poetry, and the visual and performing arts.
  • Pastor – Resources to help clergy and lay leaders in local parish ministry.
  • Family – Resources for living out the rhythms of Anglican Christianity with your family at home.
  • Mission – Articles on the evangelistic efforts of Anglicans in North America and abroad through missionary agencies and chaplaincies.

Church Year Pages

We know many of you come to the site specifically for resources related to the Church Year (we look at the stats—you’re a bunch of church year fanatics!). To that end, we have dedicated pages to each of the liturgical seasons:

  • Advent – The season of anticipation leading up to Christmas.
  • Christmas – The season we celebrate Christ’s birth.
  • Epiphany – The season we celebrate the revelation of Christ to the world.
  • Lent – The season of fasting and penitence leading up to Easter, including Holy Week.
  • Easter – The season we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and ascension and of his sending of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
  • Ordinary Time – The season of the Church living out its calling, covering roughly half the calendar year.


New to our site, we now host a page that lists the combined Events of the Anglican world. Until now, there has been no place to find a unified listing of Anglican events. With this new page and the staff time we are dedicating to filling it out, we are seeking to solve that problem in the service of the whole church.


Our books page highlights our growing list of print publications. Like our articles, our books make Anglicanism accessible with an ethos of clarity and charity. Over the last two years, we’ve published four new volumes, each becoming a #1 New Release in Anglican Christianity on Amazon.


Giving is now integrated, secure, and easy. To give, click the upper right “Give” tab or go to our donate page. We’ve partnered with Fundraise Up, a best-in-class platform to process and record recurring or one-time donations. If you have given through our Patreon over the years, thank you. You are still free to give there or switch to this new platform. As we expand our team to serve a growing readership, your donations are more valuable than ever.

Continuing the Journey

We welcome you to this new site and era of Anglican Compass. Come explore, learn, and engage with us! Please support and pray for us. We plan to be an informative, accessible companion on the Anglican way for years to come.

Photo of Durham Cathedral at Sunrise by Peter Swan from Getty Images, courtesy of Canva.

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June 12, 2024


Jacob Davis

The Rev. Jacob Davis is the editor of Anglican Compass. He is a priest in the Diocese of Christ Our Hope and lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he serves as assisting clergy at Grace Anglican Church and as a spiritual director.

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Peter Johnston

The Ven. Dr. Peter Johnston is the Ministry President of Anglican Compass. He is a priest and archdeacon in the Anglican Diocese of All Nations and the rector of Trinity Lafayette. He lives with his wife, Carla, and their eight children near Lafayette, Louisiana.

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