Welcome to our Front Porch!

Anglican Compass is a digital front porch for the Anglican tradition. It is visible, accessible, welcoming, and winsome. It acts as a meeting space with the outside world.

At the front porch, anyone can stop for a chat or pull up a chair. You can come by in the morning for coffee or in the afternoon for tea, going further and learning more.

Founded in 2011 (originally Anglican Pastor) and relaunched in 2022, Anglican Compass has grown into a leading resource on Christianity in the Anglican tradition.

Why Are We Here? Here’s The problem…

Anglicanism can be confusing.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand.

The Anglican tradition contains an abundance of riches. It provides a beautiful vision of Christianity as a way of life, and perspectives on every aspect of life.

But there’s a lot of details, a lot of jargon, and a lot of practices that can seem strange or foreign. Plus, there are some people who want to claim the Anglican name, without holding the Anglican faith. So it’s easy to become confused.

That’s where we come in.

We help you navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity.


We provide clear guides to every aspect of the Anglican faith. We’re committed to Christian orthodoxy, including a traditional sexual ethic.


We engage charitably with Christians of other traditions and with non-Christians. We’re committed to loving others well, even when we disagree with them.

The solution to confusion is clarity and charity. Don’t become frustrated or give up on your Anglican journey. Use Anglican Compass as your navigational tool. There’s so much in this world to explore and enjoy.

In That Spirit,

We focus on six core areas:

Rookie Anglican

This serves as our starting point. These articles offer accessible and enlightening introductions to various aspects of Anglican life and faith, such as the Bible, theology, liturgy, and history. It’s no secret that even seasoned Anglicans, including clergy members, frequently revisit these articles to renew their understanding.


Ours is a missionary endeavor commissioned by Christ to spread the gospel to all corners of the world. These articles spotlight missional endeavors such as church planting, evangelism, global missions, and chaplaincy.


The call to discipleship is central to the Lord’s mandate, and nowhere is it more vital than within the family unit. These articles explore topics like marriage, children, child safety, parenting, home rituals, celebrations, nurturing spiritual growth at home, and Christian education.


The Anglican tradition has long emphasized the importance of personal spiritual growth through practices like prayer, fasting, and meditation on scripture, following the examples of Christ and the saints of the past. These articles delve into the rich tapestry of that Anglican spiritual heritage


Anglican Compass initially began as “Anglican Pastor,” complete with practical guidance for clergy members engaged in hands-on ministry. Articles in this section cover preaching theories, sermon preparation aids, ministry strategies, fundraising tips, insights into the ordination process, and advice for clergy and lay leaders alike.

Arts & Culture

Anglicanism shares a particular affinity with beauty and the arts. Here, we celebrate both historical and contemporary contributions to music, visual arts, architecture, and literature.

We want what’s best for you and for the Church.

The Anglican Church is a paradox. It’s an old building, to be sure, but also strangely fresh and compelling—a bit like Jesus.

If you come by the porch here at Anglican Compass, we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. And when you are ready, you can enter the front door. The refreshments on the porch are lovely, but the full meal waits inside.

If you resonate with this message, then here’s what we’re asking you to do.

As a teacher of theology in an ecumenical Christian school, Anglican Compass has been helpful to my own faith, in explaining the faith to my students, and as a resource for our weekly service of morning prayer.

Greg Jeffers / Theology Faculty, Covenant School of Dallas