Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!

Greg Goebel, David Roseberry, and I (Joshua Steele) are excited to be here for the Telos Collective’s 2019 Intersection Conference.

The topic this year? “For the Sake of the World: An Anglican Missional Ecclesiology.”

I’m looking forward to hearing from the following speakers over the next few days:
– Bishop Todd Hunter – Opening Session
– Hans Boersma – “Proclaiming the Gospel through the Sacraments”
– Esau McCaulley – “Reclaiming Romans as a Missional Document for the Church”
– William Cavanaugh – “Eucharistic Bodies in an Excarnated World”
– Tish Harrison-Warren – “Ordinary Church: How Liturgy and Sacraments Teach Us the Mundane Glory of Mission”
– Winfield Bevins – “Marks of a Movement: Wesley as a Model for Anglican Missional Ecclesiology”
– David Fitch – “Beliefs vs. Practices: How God Shapes a Church For Mission”
– Bishop Ric Thorpe – “The Church on Mission: Reflections from a British, Post-Christian Context”

If you’re here at the conference, please say hello to Greg, David, and/or me—we would love to meet you in person!

Plus, we’ve also got some Anglican Pastor pop sockets to give out, if you’d like one!

IMG 5075

Stay tuned for more Telos #Intersection19 posts.