We appreciate how interactive our readers are. The reactions to our recent three-part interview with Rev. Tish Harrison Warren were mostly constructive and insightful.

We reached out to Tish to request an interview. And we asked readers for questions to ask Tish. We appreciate the questions that readers submitted. And we’re very grateful to Tish for the time she took to answer readers’ questions both thoughtfully and honestly.

However, the interview—especially part 2, where Tish answers reader-submitted questions about women’s ordination—did receive some comments from readers who were concerned that Anglican Pastor no longer represents “classic Anglicanism” because it is “promoting this practice.”

In respect to these comments, we believe it appropriate to clarify our editorial approach to such matters.

On this and other debated issues, our goal is to feature writing that’s good enough to make someone on the other side of the debate pause to at least consider what’s being proposed/discussed.

Anglican Pastor purposefully takes no official, website-wide position either for or against women’s ordination. Much like the Anglican Church around the world, we (the editorial board, authors, and contributors) are of different opinions on the issue.

Our individual authors and contributors are encouraged to voice their opinions on this and/or other debated issues. Our main requirements are that they do so:

  1. Within the bounds of Christian orthodoxy,
  2. Thoughtfully, and
  3. Respectfully to those on the other side of the debate at hand.

Tish met these requirements. We were pleased to listen to the voice of a female priest who thoughtfully shared her theology and experience.

We will continue to seek out pastoral writers who want to engage with this and other topics within the requirements listed above. And we also welcome voices from other sides of the women’s ordination debate.

We believe it is best to engage with and take seriously the best thinking of those who agree and also of those who disagree on an issue. It makes us better able to understand each other, even when we can’t agree. We value open, respectful conversations among orthodox Anglicans.

So we offer these posts as a contribution to an ongoing, prayerful discussion.  

Again, thank you for engaging. Please keep the comments coming. We appreciate our readers greatly.