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Ashley Wallace, the author of A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home, is a homeschooling mom of four. She is also the wife of the Anglican priest. She and her family live in the panhandle of Florida, where they planted Apostles By-the-Sea Anglican Church. Ashley fell in love with the seasons of the church when she was a young mom searching for meaning and a way to interweave more of the things of God into her daily life.

We Need Advent Now More Than Ever! Celebrating Advent in 2020

Today I found myself completely distracted by my little robot vacuum. (We call him “Eufy.”) While I should have been helping the kids with their homeschooling, I found myself increasingly frustrated by his sense of aimlessness. 

All I wanted was for Eufy to clean the kitchen. With four teenagers in the house all day, that […]

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10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Advent. Some of Them Will Make You Hungry!

Years ago I started researching a book about celebrating Advent. I learned so many things along the way! Here are ten of my favorite unusual discoveries about Advent.

1) Plum pudding has zero plums in it and sits in your cupboard for five weeks! 

In England and Ireland, plum pudding […]

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What is Advent? (Excerpt from “A Thrill of Hope” by Ashley Wallace)

The following is an excerpt from A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home (Revised and Expanded for 2020) by Ashley Wallace.

What is Advent?

All of Scripture is a sacred love story, the love of God the Father for His people. It is a story filled with expectation, longing and fulfillment.

From the beginning, God has lovingly walked with us, called […]

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5 Practical Suggestions for Doing Advent Devotions with Your Children

I had an idea, and it was a great idea!

My family was going to do something new that year. Every night, we were going to sit down at the dining room table and do Advent devotions together.

I could already see how the night was going to go in […]

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Try These 3 “Las Posadas” Recipes This Advent!

Want more Advent recipes, devotions, and traditions to try at home? Check out A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home (Revised and Expanded for 2020)!

Picture this. Every evening during the last nine days before Christmas, a great crowd forms in the village streets.

A small child dressed as an angel leads the figures of Joseph, Mary, and the donkey. […]

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My Top 4 Favorite Family Advent Traditions

Advent is one of my favorite seasons. As a person who did not grow up celebrating Advent, I have absolutely fallen in love with it. Advent is beautiful and holy and full of hope!

(If you’d like to read more why you should follow the Church calendar in your home this Advent, you can read my previous post here.)

At first, […]

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Why You Should Follow the Church Calendar with Your Family at Home This Advent

“For everything there is a season” (Ecclesiastes 3:10)—I am sure you know the verse well. We are all familiar with it, and yet it is so often misused.

People will often quote the verse in response to a bad thing that has happened or a hard time that you are going through. But if you look back at the verses in […]

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