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Father Dale Hall began ministry in 1987 at Calvary Baptist Church, in Rome, Georgia, while in college. He's been a social worker and crisis counselor, as well as a Vineyard pastor. Now he's an Anglican priest serving at The Mission, in Chattanooga, where he leads several ministries, and lives with his wife Kimberly. They have two sons and a daughter in law.
Father Dale Hall began ministry in 1987 at Calvary Baptist Church, in Rome, Georgia, while in college. He's been a social worker and crisis counselor, as well as a Vineyard pastor. Now he's an Anglican priest serving at The Mission, in Chattanooga, where he leads several ministries, and lives with his wife Kimberly. They have two sons and a daughter in law.

Hurricane Harvey And Faithful Presence

Texas will be dealing with the rest of the crisis from Hurricane Harvey this week, and then begin the efforts of recovery. How do we respond?

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina decimated not just New Orleans, but much of the Gulf Coast, including Gulfport, Mobile, Biloxi, and beyond. Kim Lawton, in a PBS special report on faith-based disaster […]

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When Our House Of Cards Falls

“Knock and it shall be opened.’ But does knocking mean hammering and kicking the door like a maniac?”
― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Ever feel this way? Certain situations come up in life where we are overwhelmed and full of anxiety, feeling all alone, at a total loss of what to do, and we sometimes just cannot do anything at all. […]

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Beautiful And Terrible Things

Pain And Suffering In The Life Of A Disciple

Pain and suffering, and disappointment are not often explored even lightly in the American church. In a previous article I began to explore practical care and understanding, but, like a diamond, this topic is worth a second or third look. When others are suffering, we feel awkward and […]

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The World As It Is – Not As I Would Have It.

One question that comes up very often in pastoral care is “Why?” More specifically: Why does God let me languish in a job I hate? Why do I pray and nothing seems to happen? Why did this dear person die? Why did that bad thing happen?

Sometimes even our best “theological” answers still fail to satisfy or even dress the wounds, […]

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Measuring A Rule Of Life

At The Mission School of Ministry, I have been guiding a group of students through the process of developing their own rule of life. We began with a survey of Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, exploring the classical spiritual disciplines of the faith. Then we read up on The Rule of Saint Benedict (RB), and also Saint Francis’ rule for […]

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Fixed Hour Prayer

“So, how’s your prayer life going?”
As a priest, as I meet with people to provide pastoral care, or spiritual formation, one question often comes up in the conversation: “So, how is your prayer life going?” Having asked this question to people for over 17 years now, I already know what the answer will likely be, something like “Well, it could […]

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Angel Food At The Monastery

This past week I would say that my life has been anything but simple. There are reasons why many of us can’t sleep at night, why we can’t relax, or let go. So much of it boils down to time and money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, Americans work longer hours, averaging about 47 hours a week. It […]

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The Church And The Holy Spirit – A Very Brief History

Empowering The Church

Recently, I was at a clergy retreat where Bishop Bill Murdoch taught and encouraged the clergy of the Anglican Diocese of the South to operate with expectation of the leading and moving of the Holy Spirit today. In the first century Paul explained to the church how the Spirit works through believers lives more fully in 1 Corinthians […]

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Leading In Difficult Times – According To Saint Francis

These are difficult days that we lead the church in, at least in some ways. There are moments I tell my wife that I would have never chosen to be a minister at this particular time and place, a time of social upheaval and changing values, a time when the church seems to be in decline in several ways. Yet, […]

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Where We Are Going Is Where We Have Been

Where are we heading as the church? In some ways the best map to get there is where we have already been, a very long time ago. The Jesus message spread quickly throughout the culture of the ancient Roman world. When we look closer, we see that it wasn’t because the church was based on the acceptable social norms, nor […]

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The Longest Night Of The Year

The Longest Night

It is December 21st, winter solstice, the shortest day, but also the longest night of the year. We celebrate this time of year with lights and candles to illuminate the darkness.We look forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Joy and hope are our refrain.

Remembering The Homeless

December 21st is also the day our Chattanooga Community Kitchen hosts […]

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Counter-Cultural Leadership

Counter-Cultural Leadership

Leadership in the world Jesus was born into developed from the ideas of a Roman Republic into the ideas of a Roman Empire that included an emperor with an increasing absolute rule, and authoritarianism. Rome was often known for its strong military might which was a systemic outflow and a characteristic of the entire culture. Jockeying for position and […]

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Remembering Francis

While the big news this week has been the presidential debate, Saint Francis’ Feast Day has been slowly, stealthily drawing close. Saint Francis’ Day is celebrated every October 4th. Francis is recognized as a saint in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, and he truly was a reformer of the church years before any “reformation”. The Franciscan vows of poverty […]

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New Monasticism in the Anglican Church

Monasticism in Anglicanism: A Very Brief History
The Anglican church has had a rich history of monks and monastic orders of both men and women from its earliest days. By the 7th century, religious orders were well developed and organized, having performed missionary work for centuries. However, Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in 1536 and, for about 300 years, the rich […]

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Saint Francis in the 21st Century

The Rule of Saint Francis for regular people belonging to a secular order, known as the 3rd order, was first penned in the early 13th century. Third Order Franciscans work their jobs, raise their kids, and live into the Franciscan ideas of generosity, love, and prayer while surround by, and participating in, the world around them.

I first read the rule, […]

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Go To The Humble Places: Be an icon of Christ there

Go to the humble places, be an icon of Christ there…

“Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell.”

― Charles Thomas Studd, English missionary

Humbleness and Success
Often people are known, their names are recognized, usually because they are in big, important places, with titles and […]

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Welcoming all as Christ

Welcome all as Christ
The Rule of Saint Benedict may seem antiquated to us today. Written in the early 6th century as a rule of life for those living together in community as Christians and monks, the Rule of Saint Benedict provided much needed direction and a path to living in community without killing each other (Anyone who has had several […]

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For the World: Prayers of the People

I’ve always considered myself as a person who kept myself aware of the events going on in our world: disasters, unrest, trouble spots, and certainly the plight of the persecuted church. But when I began encountering The Prayers Of The People, weekly and corporately, a new depth of prayer for the world around me began to emerge.

I did not […]

Know Your Community Resources

Interacting with your local community and meeting practical needs.

Sometimes there is a huge disconnect between the church and its local community. How often will people come to the church seeking help of many sorts only to find none? At best we may half-heartedly make a referral for them to contact United Way, or some vague community help-line number, if that. […]

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The Funeral: Pastoring in the time of Mourning

A funeral is one of the most difficult things anyone may ever have to do. Even as “professionals,” it is often difficult to know what to do or what to say. Often we may not even know the deceased that well. They may have been a family member of a parishioner, or they may have attended our church at times, even regularly, […]

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