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Duane Miller presently serves as priest at the Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer, associate professor at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at Madrid, and founding co-pastor at Kanisa, an Arabic-language Christian fellowship. For his books, including I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ's Converts from Islam, go to his Amazon author page. For articles and publications, check out his Academia.edu page. For some of his video lectures, check out his YouTube channel.

Anglican Contributions to the Church’s Mission to/among Muslims

By the Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Musk and the Rev. Dr. Duane Alexander Miller


A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st Century: after over a millennium of almost no conversions from Islam to Christianity a small trickle started to appear in the 1960s and it grew. It grew, […]

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How to Pastor Converts from Islam: An Interview with Duane Miller about His New Book, “I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name”

The following is an interview with Anglican Compass author Duane Miller about his new book, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam.

How might this book help an Anglican pastor on the ground in ministry?

Anglican churches, schools, […]

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Baptizing a Convert from Islam with an Anglican Liturgy

I didn’t even remember the phone call. One evening when I was loafing around the house an Arabophone brother called me from a foreign country and had some questions about our small Arabophone fellowship, Kanisa. What did we believe? I answered: we had an evangelical orientation and confessed the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds. Did we belong to a particular […]

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The Anglican Ordination Process: A Rookie Anglican Guide

So you’re thinking about ordained ministry in this or that Anglican community. (If you need guidance on the question, check out this article.) Maybe you’re already ordained in some other denomination. Maybe you’ve been serving in ministry for years but as a layperson (that was my experience).

What are some of the general guidelines and things to take into account […]

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Cinco Renovaciones Requeridas para la Revitalización (5 Renewals Required For Revitalization)

Pastor Anglicano” is a collaboration between Anglican Pastor and Caminemos Juntos to deliver translated and original content in Spanish.

The English original of the following piece is: “5 Renewals Required for Revitalization,” a blog series written by Canon Mark Eldredge.

Cinco renovaciones requeridas para la revitalización

Por el reverendo Canónigo Mark Eldredge

Traducido por el reverendo Dr. Duane Miller y el reverendo […]

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A Tale of Two Weddings: How Far Should We Stretch the Liturgy?

Ah, Spain. A beautiful country where, every now and then, non-Catholics who are Christians get married. Or a Roman Catholic gets married to a non-Catholic, which often means no Catholic wedding.

And sometimes these folks come to us Anglicans.

Just how much can the Anglican liturgy be modified?

In this article, I want to share my own experience as an Anglican pastor […]

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¿Presbíteros o Sacerdotes? Una Introducción al Liderazgo y Ordenación Anglicana

“Pastor Anglicano” is a collaboration between Anglican Pastor and Caminemos Juntos to deliver translated and original content in Spanish.

The English original of the following piece is: Anglican Pastors vs. Priests? An Introduction to Anglican Holy Orders, by Duane Miller. Note that edits have been made to the translation for Latin American contextual reasons.

He sido […]

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Are Anglican Churches Biblical, “Bible Churches”?

For many years, I attended a church that called itself a “Bible church.” I really loved it and am thankful for everything I received there. But many years later I started to reflect on what exactly that name means.

What does it mean to claim that your church is biblical, a “Bible church”?

First of all, it (at least implicitly) […]

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Anglican Pastors vs. Priests? An Introduction to Anglican Holy Orders

I have been a full-time Anglican minister since 2005 when my wife and I moved to the Middle East as cross-cultural workers (i.e., missionaries). However, I was not ordained to the diaconate until 2017, and to the priesthood in 2018.

From 2005–2017, I was involved in ministries of evangelism, discipleship and teaching, first in the Middle East and then in the […]

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Do Anglicans Care as much about Mission(s) as Evangelicals?

It was a sunny day in Glasgow and the preacher was speaking to thousands of people in one of the large parks of the city. I had attended with a number of friends from a Christian campus ministry in Edinburgh where I was working on my PhD in Divinity (focus, World Christianity. Shameless plug: buy the book.)

The preacher in […]

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