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Emanuel Burke is a contemplative artist working in iconography, illustration, design, and fine art. You can support his work via Patreon.

Anglican, with a Love of Icons

Emanuel Burke previously shared his Anglican journey here: “Anglican, for the Love of God.” In this post below, Emanuel shares about his journey into iconography. If you’d like to support his work, check out his Patreon page.

Icons? Aren’t they idolatrous?

Many Western Christians, particularly in America, have a difficult time understanding why icons are so meaningful and integral to […]

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Anglican, for the Love of God – Emanuel Burke’s Anglican Journey

Early Days

The summers of my youth were spent in swimming pools, summer camps, and Southern Baptist “tent revivals.” I often felt pressured by those gatherings. There was always an expectation, though sometimes unspoken, to “make a decision,” or pray at the “altar,” or announce a “calling,” or say “just a few words” about your spiritual experience.

This spiritual climate persisted throughout […]

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