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Emily Hunter McGowin is a teacher and scholar of religious studies and a theologian in the Anglican tradition. She is also a priest and Canon Theologian in the diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. She specializes in the study of lived religion, which goes beyond the traditional focus on texts and historical figures to include the everyday practices and experiences of individuals and their communities. Fortress Press published her first book in May 2018: Quivering Families: The Quiverfull Movement and Evangelical Theology of the Family. She has taught religious studies and theology for many years in university, high school, and local church settings. She is married to Ron and they have three children.

Isn’t Eating and Drinking the Body and Blood of Jesus…Gross?

A common reaction

I am a lecturer at an evangelical liberal arts college. One of my main responsibilities is to teach the Christian doctrine course required for all undergraduates. In every class, the question of what is or isn’t happening at the Lord’s Table is always a source of fascination and debate.

“Wait a minute,” one student interjected as I was lecturing […]

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A Gift of God (By Rev. Dr. Emily McGowin)

“OK, let’s sing that verse again,” the worship leader said. “And this time sing it with everything you’ve got!”

I was sitting in the back row of the church cradling a sleeping baby. I was lonely and exhausted—deeply disconnected from the upbeat music coming from the stage. A voice inside my head whispered back to the man with the guitar: “What […]

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