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Jonathan Huggins is the Chaplain at Berry College in Rome, GA. He received his academic and ministry training from Wheaton College Graduate School (MA), Reformed Theological Seminary (MAR), and Stellenbosch University (Ph.D. in Theology). He is a Priest in the Anglican Church in North America and a fellow with the Center for Pastor Theologians, author of Living Justification (Wipf & Stock, 2013), and has contributed articles to Didaktikos, Mere Orthodoxy, Anglican Pastor and the Center for Pastor Theologians blog. Follow at @jon_huggins.

How Do We Know If Our Experiences of God Are Real or Not? Lessons from Jonathan Edwards

How do we know if our experiences of God are real or not? If we thought that we, or our congregations, were experiencing revival, or renewal, how would we discern if it was really from the Holy Spirit? What would be happening? What wouldn’t be happening?

If we pray for God’s work in our own hearts, and in the lives of […]

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3 Aspects of Christian Living: A Framework for Thinking about Discipleship

How would you explain “discipleship” to a new believer? How would you help a busy person know how to grow and live as a Christian?

If you are a trained pastor or theologian, you might have a lot to say about discipleship. It might even feel difficult to summarize.

One could say, “Living as a Christian just means loving God and loving […]

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