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Tai French is a homeschooling mother of 7. A rookie Anglican herself, she loves learning more about the traditions and practices of Anglicanism. She especially enjoys incorporating the rhythms, history, and liturgy into her home and homeschool life.

Rogation Days in Coronatide: Beseeching the Lord of the Harvest

During Rogation Days last year, I joked with our priest about making the drive to our home to pray over and bless our little garden patch for the spring. Rogation Days seemed like a charming ritual, sweet and a little antiquated. After all, if our zucchinis failed, there was the farmer’s market, the grocery store, the bulk warehouse, all […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas: The Ultimate Guide to Christmastide

Sure, you’ve heard the song, but did you know that the “12 days of Christmas” actually start on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and go until the day before Epiphany (Jan. 5)? This mini-season of the Church calendar is also known as “Christmastide”!

So, December 25 is the first day of Christmas. December 26 is the second day. And so on, until […]

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Saint Lucy’s Day: A Rookie Anglican Guide

Flickering candles, hot coffee, and saffron buns. This Scandinavian Advent tradition has its roots in the story of a 3rd-century martyr who brought light and aid to Christian saints in hiding.

(Note: To learn more about Advent and how to celebrate it at home with family and friends, read A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home by Ashley Wallace! […]

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What They Are Saying about “A Thrill of Hope” by Ashley Wallace!

The following is Tai French’s review of A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home by Ashley Wallace.

If you, like Tai, enjoy A Thrill of Hope, would you please leave a 5-star review on Amazon? It’s the best, easiest way to get the word out about the book!

A brief and delightful read, A Thrill of […]

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All Souls Day: A Rookie Anglican Guide to the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed

In our family’s first year as Anglicans, we accidentally celebrated All Saints Day (November 1) with the traditions more commonly associated with the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (All Souls Day, November 2)! This year, I’m looking forward to observing each day in its proper time and fashion!

(To learn more about

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All Saints’ Day: A Rookie Anglican Guide

While the close of October is typically known for Halloween, its liturgical forerunner is All Hallows’ Eve (Oct. 31) followed by All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

Even though many saints of the church are remembered throughout the calendar year, All Saints’ provides a dedicated day to call to memory those saints who have led the way before us. We […]

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Holy Michael and All Angels: A Rookie Anglican Guide to Michaelmas


Michaelmas is a shortened form of “Michael’s Mass” (just like Christmas is a shortened form of Christ’s Mass). It is also known as the feast day of Holy (or “St.”) Michael and All Angels.

Celebrated similarly to Thanksgiving, Michaelmas conjures images of cool fall days, abundant harvests, and feasting. Festivities focus on the defeat of sin and Satan, often symbolized […]

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