The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop

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Rectors, vestry members, and bishops will love having this essential and practical handbook and in-depth guide to leading an Anglican congregation. The Rev. Canon David Roseberry writes in an easy yet thorough style to address the needs, challenges, structures, canons, and other important issues facing every Anglican Church of any size.

Roseberry carefully outlines the roles of the “Anglican Trinity”: the rector, the vestry, and the bishop, and how each one partners with the others and contributes to the mission of the congregation.

Canon Roseberry brings the wisdom and experience of over 30 years of growing and leading a church from the ground up to become one of the most attended Anglican Churches in North America.

The first edition, The Rector and the Vestry, has been used for teaching, training, and orientation in hundreds of congregations and several seminaries. This expanded new second edition clearly explains the bishop’s role and relationship to parish leadership. This new book is an essential and comprehensive guide for its unique audience: rectors, vestry members, and bishops.