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The First 24 is a new book written by David Roseberry, a long-time friend and supporter of Anglican Compass (and our First Publisher!). David has nearly four decades of pastoral ministry and was the founding Rector of Christ Church in Plano. He is a frequent contributor, but he hasn’t posted anything with us for a while and now I know why. He has been writing a terrific book. The book is now available on Amazon. Here are excerpts from the introduction to give you an understanding of the book, together with a few early reviews. – Peter Johnston, Ministry President

From the Introduction

In 2001, the thrilling series 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland, hit the television airwaves. It was fast-paced, gripping, and graphic. Jack Bauer, the lead character played by Sutherland, worked for “CTU,” a fictional counter-terrorist unit of the US Government. The popular show was a combination of crime drama, a political thriller, and action-hero series known for its relentless use of cli angers at the end of each episode.


What made the series so electrifying was the framework of the show. The entire 24-episode season told a continuous story that occurred in “real-time” over 24 hours.

I intend to do the same thing in this book.

The First 24 will cover the first 24-hour day of Jesus’ public ministry in Capernaum as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. The events of the opening chapter (vs. 21-45) are written to be read as one busy, important, and inaugural day in the life of Jesus. The day begins with Jesus’ entrance into Capernaum. Twenty-four hours later, he leaves the vicinity to move on “to other towns and villages.” Everything that happened in those 24 hours is captured in verses 21 through 45 of Chapter One. If you do the math, you’ll find that the events of the 24 hours are told in exactly 24 verses. This is serendipitous—a happy accident.

What follows in The First 24 are 24 chapters investigating and understanding the events described in the 24 verses covering the first 24 hours of Jesus’ ministry as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

Our deep dive will look at what happened in Capernaum during that first full day, and we will discover hidden details and clues in each event. We will also assess what the event means and what it tells us about Jesus, his purpose, and his plan. Behind every episode, event, or vignette, we will discover a deep reality in the life of Jesus—that he not only did the things we will look at; he did them with a deeper and wider purpose in mind. He was on a mission. And as we look intently into everything that he did and said during those 24 hours in Capernaum, we will find treasures and insights that paint a vivid portrait of the Lord and the reason he came.

Early Reviews:

Innovative and yet biblically faithful, this book held me captive to the very last word. The practical examination and profound application of Mark’s recording of a day in the life of our Lord Jesus is as informative as it is edifying. Roseberry has gifted us with a deeply moving reminder that the one we claim to follow came to serve and not to be served. Every page is insightful and inspiring and challenging.

The Rev Dr Johannes W H van der Bijl, author of Breakfast on the Beach: The Development of Simon Peter and For the Life of the World: The Multiplication of Simon Peter.

IF you enjoy thriller action…IF you’d like a front row seat on “Day 1” of Jesus’s ministry…IF studying the whole Bible feels overwhelming and you long to digest a small part…IF you want to experience Mark’s gospel exploding from black and white into technicolor…IF you are weary of studying the word the “same old way” and need a creative, fresh approach… THEN you will love this book.

You’ll feel exhausted and exhilarated as you walk with the disciples for the first crucial 24 hours of Jesus’ ministry.

Susan Alexander Yates, speaker and bestselling author of several books including, Risky Faith, Becoming Brave Enough to Trust the God Who Is Bi er Than Your World and The One Devotional. She blogs at

In framing the story of Jesus amidst the urgency of a 24-hour story, David Roseberry brilliantly evokes the chaotic excitement of the Gospel of Mark. His explanation will help a Christian believer grasp who the Trinity is and how the three persons of the Godhead function. The First 24 will change how one reads the Gospel of Mark, but even more importantly, it will change how the reader understands his life as participating in the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God.

The Rev. Dr. Laurie Thompson, Dean and President (ret.), Trinity School for Ministry

Are 24 verses about 24 hours in Jesus’s life enough to tell us much? With experienced preacher and writer David Roseberry as our guide, the answer is: Absolutely! Roseberry has not only captured the essence of the Gospel of Mark but the essence of Christ’s life and mission. Jesus came down to earth, and Mark captures his earthly life with “down to earth” Greek. And Roseberry retells it all in a readable, “down to earth” way. With a crisp and “immediate” style (just like Mark!), Roseberry draws on his gifted experience in storytelling preaching, and guiding groups through Israel to convey the action with texture and lively theological reflection.

The Rev. Dr. Jon Parker, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Berry College

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November 1, 2022


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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