Simply Anglican: An Ancient Faith for Today’s World

By Winfield Bevins

Far from being a faith of the past, Anglicanism presents a rich spiritual tradition that has matured into a worldwide movement of Christians on every continent. The Anglican tradition offers a refreshing alternative to our postmodern world by helping us reconnect to the historic Christian faith in a way that speaks to our present age.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Anglican tradition, Simply Anglican is the clear and charitable guide you’ve been waiting for. Winfield Bevins provides an accessible overview of Anglican history, theology, and worship. With discussion questions and recommended reading at the end of each chapter, plus a glossary of terms in the back, this book is the ideal introduction to Anglicanism!


Lent: The Journey from Ash Wednesday through Holy Week

Edited by Greg Goebel and Joshua Steele; Foreword by Tish Harrison Warren

We invite you to join Christians around the world in observing the ancient tradition of Lent—40 days of preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is for all Christians, and this book is your guide on the journey from Ash Wednesday through Holy Week to Easter Sunday.

Join seasoned Lent practitioners as they cover:
– What is Lent? A Journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter
– How to Observe a Holy Lent: Practices for the Journey
– Personal Reflections from the Lenten Journey
– Lenten Collect Reflections: Signposts for the Journey
– Lenten Lectionaries: Scripture Readings for the Journey-Recommended Lenten Resources: Continue the Journey

The Psalm on the Cross

The Psalm on the Cross: A Journey to the Heart of Jesus through Psalm 22

By David H. Roseberry

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

These haunting words were spoken by no less than Jesus Christ as he died on the cross. But they were written centuries before by King David of Israel. They are the opening words of Psalm 22.

  • What did Jesus mean by this passionate pleading question?
  • Did Jesus have the entire psalm in mind?
  • Did God really forsake Jesus?
  • Did Jesus die knowing that His mission was accomplished?
  • How can Psalm 22 help us understand the heart and mind of Jesus?

Join David H. Roseberry on a journey to the heart of Jesus through Psalm 22. You’ll grow closer to Jesus and draw strength for your own journey by taking a closer look at Christ’s song of suffering and victory.


When the Lord is My Shepherd: Finding Hope in a Hard Time

By David Roseberry

Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and beloved psalms in the Bible. Most people know the opening line by heart, “The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want.” But these six short verses are much more than a lovely poem read for quiet comfort. By adding the word “When” to the first line of the poem, the psalm becomes a long list of promises and realities that bring us hope and confidence in the hard times we face. Written in the early days the Pandemic of 2020, the words of the Poet-King David speak directly to the anxiety, fears, and troubles of our own day. And as the psalm leads to green pastures, still waters, and pathways ahead, the reader will find their confidence and faith in God renewed and refreshed. “When the Lord is My Shepherd” makes the ancient psalm sing a new song in our own day. The discovery of joy and hope in the hard times is greatly needed today.


The Rector and the Vestry: A Very Essential Companion and Guide for the Rectors, Wardens and Members of the Anglican Vestries

By David Roseberry

What does it look like to lead an Anglican Church in North America? Rectors and Vestry members will love having this essential handbook and in-depth guide to leading an Anglican congregation. The Rev. Canon David Roseberry writes in an easy yet thorough style to address the needs, challenges, structures, canons, other important issues facing any Anglican Church of any size. Canon Roseberry brings the wisdom and experience of over 30 years growing and leading a church from the ground up to become one of the most attended Anglican Churches in North America.


A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home (Revised and Expanded for 2020)

By Ashley Wallace

The Church calendar is a way of life—a rhythm that’s meant to form our families and our friendships. Now, that sounds good. But how do we live it out on the ground, in our homes? To answer that question, it really helps to have a good friend as a guide who can speak from experience. Ashley Wallace and her extremely helpful book, A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home will introduce readers to the season of Advent. Let Ashley be your guide, a source of new ideas (and recipes!) for observing the season of Advent at home with family and friends. We’re convinced that you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. But, even more importantly, you’ll grow closer to Jesus. Ashley can help you shape your household into a “domestic church” as you prepare for Christmas.