Do Anglicans even *care* about the Bible? 📖

Let’s be honest: When you think of a “Bible church,” you probably don’t think of an Anglican church. Nevertheless, Holy Scripture has played a very important role in the Anglican tradition.

Let’s take a look at what some of the foundational documents of Anglicanism have to say about the Bible!

By the way, these Anglican “formularies” are:

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Are You a Proficient Christian?

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4 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Anglican UX!

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Hooker? Yes! Headache? No!

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Let’s talk about Baptism!

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What even IS a sacrament, anyway? 🛁🍞🍷

The Curate, March 15, 2021.

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One of the terrible ironies of church history is that the sacraments, which are supposed to both enable and embody our unity as Christians, have often been the source of intense division.

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🙏 How to pray the Anglican way [Welcome to The Curate!]

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Whether you’re Anglican or not, if you’d like your walk with Christ to benefit from […]

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