Discerning Digital Fruitfulness in a Pandemic


Ministry Dashboard

Pastors operate with a default dashboard. In fact, the measurements on the dashboard will tell you a lot about the values of the church. Classic metrics were the so-called ABC’s of attendance, buildings, and cash. Newer missional metrics might include adult baptisms, participation in groups, or service hours in our community.

Right now, pastors feel like they are flying blind because none of these classic metrics or missional metrics are showing up on our dashboards. Many of us are trying to learn more about new metrics like video engagement and website analytics. We are also resurrecting really old metrics like weekly phone calls and hand-written letters mailed! This does not reflect an unhealthy obsession with numbers. Instead, it shows that we are trying to exercise good stewardship. How do we discern digital fruitfulness in the midst of this pandemic?


Video Interview with Max Prince

To learn more about digital fruitfulness, I recently had the chance to conduct a video interview with Max Prince of Story First Creative as part of the Evergreen Project Team. I have worked with Max for several years. Basically, he has been the external communications department for St. Thomas Anglican Church. We manage all of the day to day functions, but he helped design and set everything up for us.

I love working with Max because he is really talented, responsive, and easy to work with. Plus, I don’t have to translate Anglican or ministry for Max. He is a parishioner at a local Anglican Church in Atlanta who has a brother and father who are local ACNA priests. There has been a huge learning curve over the last few weeks/months. But, Max is experienced having a foot in local church ministry and another foot in video and digital media. So, I sat down with Max for a video interview:

Follow Up Resource

The Rev. Canon our founder wrote a quick, helpful article for ADOTS on how to understand video engagement statistics that supplements the conversation I had with Max as we work to discern digital fruitfulness in the midst of this pandemic.

Published on

April 30, 2020


Daniel Adkinson

Daniel Adkinson serves as the founding rector of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Athens, Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Holly, and two children.

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