An Easy Way to Get More Scripture in Your Life


Introducing The SLOW Word Movement,

a weekly lectio divina subscription for Anglicans:

What if you could sit back and push play and have a spiritual director help you to meditate today on next Sunday’s scripture? Right where you are. Right in the midst of the press of everyday life.

What if you could begin preparing your heart for Sunday while it’s still Tuesday?


You could meditate on the Word:

  • while sitting in traffic
  • on the treadmill
  • on your lunch break
  • while making breakfast for your toddler
  • while sipping your morning coffee on the front porch
  • when you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, when you lie down, when you rise up (Deut 11:19.)

These lectio divina videos could be the long exhale, the pocket of rest, the soft whisper of invitation back to the With-God life.

This is The Slow Word Movement. It’s a simple weekly 10-15 minute lectio divina, an ancient practice stemming from before St. Benedict, intentionally slowing down the Word so that we can listen with more attentiveness. And yes, it’s a movement. While the world is speeding up, we can choose to slow it all down to make room for the things of the Spirit.

I wonder what you will hear when you shut everything else off? Today’s lectio divina:


Find it weekly at or get it sent to your email by subscribing at Join the movement to push back life’s hustle and take time to rest with the Word. Those who subscribe receive tips for their prayer life and access to a private facebook page for those listening together.

Today on you’ll find:

{Oh, and friend, if this little time of lectio divina is a gift for you today, perhaps it would be a gift for a friend? Pass on the gift of SLOW.}


Summer Gross

Summer Joy Gross is a spiritual director, writer/poet, and ordained Anglican priest. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Andrew, and their kids.

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