Living in God’s True Story: 2 Peter (Review)


Have you ever stopped to consider what “story” you are living in? What we believe is true about the world, or “the story” of the world, profoundly shapes how we live. 

Living in God’s True Story: 2 Peter by the Rev. Dr. Donald L. Morcom seeks to challenge what we believe to be the true story of our lives and how we live our stories out as Christians. He does a fantastic job of taking a complex subject and making it short and accessible for the everyday reader. 


Morcom draws out  the meaning of 2 Peter for us by focusing on one pointed question: “What kind of people ought you to be?” Morcom reminds us that Peter’s initial readers were facing conditions similar to what modern Christians are facing: 

“…the proliferation of pseudo-stories…the scoffing and mockery of skeptics…moral ambiguity, and so on…[Peter’s first-century audience] needed a reminder of the true story of which they were apart (p. 3).” 

Morcom claims that Peter’s main objective in his second letter was to remind these believers-under-fire of God’s true story by challenging them to ask the key question: “What kind of people ought you to be?” Peter then answers the question for his readers in a variety of ways throughout the letter. 

This book is divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter answers our guiding question differently depending on what Peter is addressing in the different parts of his letter. Some chapter topics include 

  • our Foundation in Christ, 
  • building on our Foundation, 
  • resisting scoffers, and 
  • “living in light of the end.” 

At the end of each chapter, Morcom further focuses our reading efforts through a “suggested reading” section and a “Reflection” section. These sections make this little book an excellent study accompaniment for either individual or group use. 

This book is a gem for its orthodox approach to Scripture as well as its practicality for everyday living. Besides his overarching theme of life-well-lived according to Peter, you will find gold nuggets of wisdom about interpreting Scripture and putting it into practice peppered throughout. Morcom encourages his readers to go to 2 Peter itself and refresh their minds through reading and meditation. This is a delightful change from many studies or “devotional” style books that seem to draw the reader’s attention towards the author and their experiences, over and above God’s word. Morcom is certainly relatable and shares personal stories here and there, but never at the expense of getting at the meat of the Scripture.

There is nothing about this book that I disliked outright. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a faithful, intelligent, orthodox, and accessible study on how to live your life as a Christian. This book would be an excellent addition to your study group, one-on-one discipleship group, or personal devotional practice. 

You can purchase Living in God’s True Story on Amazon or directly from Lexham Press.

Chelsie Morris is a Jesus-following wife and homeschooling mother in the deep South. She loves good liturgy, bad sci-fi, and free books. She dislikes the deterioration of civil dialogue in America, and also when the beagle gets in the trash. You cannot find her on social media.   

Published on

July 7, 2021


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