Meet RD Glenn: What Would Cranmer Do?


The Rev. Ray David Glenn and I are friends.  We have known each other since 2010.  When his wife died suddenly seven years ago, he and I became even closer. (For reasons I cannot explain, RD is the ONLY person I ever routinely Facetime with. It cannot be that actually wants to see me. But I think he is that relational; he has a very, very high Emotional Quotient.) We have had lots of Facetime over the years about grief, loneliness, family, his wonderful son, his love for his affianced, the challenges of the culture, Anglicanism, and the work he has been doing as Rector of St. George’s, Burlington, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. We have met several times at conferences and events around the Province.

RD Glenn and Monica
Ray David and Monica to be married in June

A New Beginning

I was so honored to be asked to officiate at David’s wedding in June. Being committed to helping this young couple get the best new start in their life together, saying yes to this surprise request was easy.  But it meant making a trip to see them for some lengthy, on-site, pre-marital conversations. I went in March and had several wonderfully long, honest conversations with them; times of prayer I will treasure. But I also had time with RD and his leaders to talk about St. George’s, their past and present ministry, and their future as a congregation in Canada.


[ctt template=”8″ link=”t67Tg” via=”no” ]A lot of Grace-based redemption and restoration has taken place at St. George’s Church.[/ctt]

A Transitional Church

This is a church in the Anglican Network in Canada, fully within the Anglican Church in North America. RD has done a fantastic job shepherding and leading this church through their own transition; their departure from the Anglican Church in Canada, their move to a new location, and then the purchase and construction of their new building. I drove up to the new building and took the tour. It was fantastic. (Please do yourself a great favor and scroll their website. It is very impressive.)

While I was setting up my camera gear, a guy in the sanctuary was filling up a portable hot tub. You don’t normally see that in Anglican Churches. (Yes, you can rent one.) The next day was “Baptism Sunday” and there were about a dozen candidates ready to take the plunge.

What Would Cranmer Do?

RD and St. George’s practice a kind of Anglicanism than many in the ACNA are unfamiliar with. It is rooted in the Reformation. It is described in the book I referenced last week, Reformation Anglicanism. The 39 Articles of Religion are the cornerstone of not only what they believe but HOW they practice it. Their website says it this way: The beating heart of the English Reformation sought to bring the good news of God’s saving work to all people in a language and form they could understand. This is RD’s heart as you will see. He truly is asking a question that few church leaders and planters are thinking about. And he is thinking about it very creatively.

The people of his parish are fully devoted to Christ. So many of them have amazing testimonies of faith and commitment to the Lord. A lot of Grace-based redemption and restoration has taken place at St. George’s Church. His members are also delighted with the engagement of RD and Monica and their marriage in late June.

Watch this fascinating interview with one of our most significant leaders north of the 49th Parallel.  Rejoice that God has called him into ministry.  And celebrate their new marriage which I will officially ‘tie together’ in late June.

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May 30, 2017


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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