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When I was a Rector, I started something called “Ask the Pastor” and it was really enjoyable. Alongside this, I was teaching confirmation classes and newcomer’s classes, and answering lots of questions (most of which were about Henry VIII).  I was also writing for our printed materials.  Eventually, I had developed quite a bit of written material that was based on real questions and thoughts from real people.  My answers and musings were written as a pastor to people that I worshipped with and served with.

THE Anglican Pastor. A gift upon my ordination. Hair was ripped out for accuracy.
THE Anglican Pastor. A gift upon my ordination. Hair was ripped out for accuracy.

At times, other churches would borrow this material for use in their church life.   Anglican Pastor started from the thought that my writing for my parish could be shared with others, so that it might be useful outside of the parish. The first site was “Rector’s Notes” which then became Anglican Pastor.  Even though I was the original writer, I always hoped that it could evolve into a team approach.  I would be the chief editor and writer, and a team of writing pastors would share blogs or write articles for the other channels.  Now we are taking a next step….


New Writer

Mystery Man

Tomorrow I will be announcing that I have convinced a new writing Rector to join us.  I will tell you who he is and what he eats for breakfast.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I’ll just say that this will be a fresh new perspective for us, that will focus on spiritual life, devotion, and prayer.  Having read his work for the past year, I am very excited that he agreed to join our team.  Check back tomorrow for more – and visit in Lent for his first blog series.

Fr Thomas

We got a big boost last year when Fr Thomas McKenzie joined AP as a writer.  He has recently completed work on the book The Anglican Way, and will be returning to write some more for us in the near future.  You can read his other writings at

I will continue to write articles for the Anglicanism channels, as well as to blog at the Anglican Pastor Journal and to complete my Journey series. Later, I hope to invite others to share their journey as guest writers.

Our Goal

So our goal is for Anglican Pastor to eventually become a place where a team of 4-6 Anglican pastors regularly share their pastoral perspective. Others will write guest articles. Most of their writing is for the parish or diocese, and is pastoral.  In other words, it is rooted in their day-to-day ministry.  The idea is that they are writing from the pastor’s study.

Me trying to look pastoral
Me trying to look pastoral

We aim to be persuasive but not pushy, provocative but not polemical, and pastoral in tone and focus.   We also aim to be brief, but you already know that pastors aren’t exactly known for brevity.

Our vision is that this can be a resource for folks all over the Anglican world and outside of it.  We hope that its a great place for people to find out how an Anglican pastor would answer a particular question.  We also hope that it will be a place for all Christians to learn about and practice our shared vision of worship, faith, and life in Christ.

Thanks very much for reading!


Fr Greg

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February 12, 2014


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