Regaining Rhythm? (COVID-19 Resource Roundup)


The last few months have been incredibly disruptive. We have all been navigating a global pandemic. Now, we are navigating phases of COVID-19 recovery (and possible resurgences) alongside renewed conversations about race and justice amidst social unrest.

As we move into the Summer, many congregations are regaining some sort of rhythm as they begin regathering. We have also noticed a “Summer Break” effect. The frequency of resources and articles about COVID-19 has slowed down as next step plans have been made. In terms of COVID-19, there is a little bit of a lull everyone is experiencing before ramping things back up for the Fall.


We recommend looking at your Summer calendar and making sure you have some time marked for rest. You can’t wait until COVID-19 is over. You need to build in regular rest and this is an ideal time for it before the renewed business of the Fall. For today’s COVID-19 Resource Roundup, we are focusing on a few new resources and highlighting resources to revisit over the Summer with your team.

Resources from the Past Week

  • COVID–19 – John Hopkins has a COVID-19 Dashboard. As of this Monday, there are now over 9 million confirmed cases worldwide. The United States has the most with ~ 2.3 million confirmed cases. Tragically, there have been ~ 470,000 deaths around the globe. The United States accounts for ~ 120,000 of them. They have a state by state tool to see locally where things are trending up and where they are trending down. As churches continue phased regathering, we encourage you to continue monitoring local trends and recommendations.
  • Financial Impact – As we move into the Summer, there is still a high rate of unemployment in the United States. In addition, the financial safety net set up to deal with the initial impact is tapering off. Here is a helpful article from USA Today about the current impact and projections for the fall. For pastors, this information is key as we prayerfully think about stewardship and our pastoral responses to those experiencing hardship.
  • Regathering for Worship – Many congregations are beginning to re-gather for worship. Last week, we highlighted re-gathering at a historic church and a unique approach being taken by a young church plant. Now is a great time to visit They have a collection of church resources and an ongoing blog dedicated to re-opening questions. Here is their brief blog post on Reopening Well.
  • What Church Leaders Are (Really) Thinking – Carey Nieuwhof has done a great job putting out resources and asking questions during COVID-19. He has a great blog post on what church leaders are (really) thinking. It will help leaders understand what others are going through and help with self-reflection. Set aside some time this Summer to work through this material prayerfully and get some rest. He has a great metaphor for this season from Levi Lusko:

Levi gave me a great metaphor. He said we feel this exhaustion because we didn’t know we were running a triathlon. It’s like we got to the end of our run, we thought we were finished, and someone handed us a bicycle and then told us later we also had to swim.

Resources to Review this Summer

  • Evergreen Project Resources – Early on we put together a paper on Stewardship in the Age of Coronavirus. Summer is a great time to review these resources and see how your church is doing. Our team is also working on the annual stewardship campaign that will be released later this Summer.
  • The Rector & the Vestry – Now more than ever, your leadership needs to be on the same page. We recommend David Roseberry’s book, The Rector and the Vestry. How can a Rector and a Vestry work together with harmony? The book is available on Kindle as well now. Check it out on Amazon here.
  • Improving Digital Ministry Now – As you regather, we recommend a hybrid approach. Do not abandon digital ministry too quickly. Anglican Compass has recently released an article and a free e-book on How to Thrive in a Digital Exile: 9 Tips for Churches.
  • Race, Justice, and Social Unrest – Many pastors are working to learn more about issues of race, justice, and social unrest. Earlier this year, Anglican Compass released a list of book recommendations for pastors on race in America. Summer presents a key opportunity to spend time reading and learning.
  • Leading Change – There are some great resources out there on how to lead change in the midst of this disruption. Carey Nieuwhof has a 30 Day Pivot process. Praxis Labs has a whole set of resources. We have recommended Canoeing the Mountains and included this helpful discussion guide.

This is the thirteenth COVID-19 Resource Roundup from the Evergreen Project Team. Each is intended as a stand-alone collection of resources to encourage the Body of Christ and equip Anglican leaders.

The Evergreen Project is an ACNA effort led by Canon David Roseberry of LeaderWorks. Archbishop Foley Beach and Canon Alan Hawkins have tasked the team along with Canon Phil Ashey and the American Anglican Council to collect, create, and curate resources to help ACNA congregations in this unique time. We want to help by pointing busy pastors and ministry leaders to things we are finding helpful amidst the vast amount of content being produced and published right now.

Do you have a resource or story to share?

Our point of contact for each week’s Resource Roundup is the Rev. Daniel Adkinson – danieladkinson [AT]


Daniel Adkinson

Daniel Adkinson serves as the founding rector of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Athens, Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Holly, and two children.

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