The Four Gs of a Bi-Vocational Minister: Part 1, Guts

Posted on August 6, 2018

As we look to have a conversation around bi-vocational ministry, a good start is taking the time to look at four key areas in the life of the minister: God, Gal/Guy (marriage), Guts (personal health) and Grit (professional work). These are called “the four G’s of the minister,” a framework first introduced to me by…

Bi-Vocational Life: Connecting the Secular and Sacred in Pastoral Ministry (An Introduction)

Posted on June 18, 2018

Another Article about Bi-Vocational Ministry?! Articles about bi-vocational ministry are not uncommon. With a quick search on Google, readers could find articles that give both positive or negative feelings on bi-vocational ministry. When praying through my call to bi-vocational ministry, I spent many hours reading these articles. However, to me, bi-vocational ministry had more of…

Tentmaker Priest

Posted on November 3, 2015

I am a tentmaker priest. I know that the “modern” term is bi-vocational minister, but I prefer tentmaker; it connects me in straight-line fashion to the Apostle Paul and to his free-of-charge Gospel ministry. I do not boast in this as Paul did; I can find no cause to.  It is good and proper for…