How to Make Disciples at Home: Use the Creeds!

In giving the Great Commission, Jesus does not call us to make converts, nor does he call us to make professional theologians. He calls us to make disciples. Then He plainly tells us the “Who” – all nations – and the “How” – baptize and instruct in the teachings of Christ. This is both a manageable and weighty […]

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Looking for Excellent Christian Music for Children? A Review of “All Creatures” by Rain for Roots

All creating is a work of collaboration. We see this in our triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) who made this world and all the heavens at first out of nothing, but then out of things he already created: people, created out of dust of the earth; seas, created out of expanses of water gathered into sections; fruit, coming […]

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How to Pray as a Family at Home? Here Are Some Tips for Family Prayer

Family Prayer, sometimes called Family Worship, is a cornerstone activity of the Christian family’s life. In it, we come together to sing, read Scripture, and pray. Yet, this activity can feel daunting and unfamiliar. What do we read? What do we pray? How long should it be? How often should we do Family Prayer?

My goal is to help you make […]

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Praying Around the Table: Making a Prayer Space in your Home

Now that the family is together every day and worship is virtual, families begin to wonder how to keep their children growing in the faith. Family devotions begin to seem more necessary. But how to begin? How to keep everyone’s attention? Maybe you’ve tried before, but things didn’t seem to work. You want family devotions to be a joyful family […]

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Zoom Church: Five Tips for Engaging Young Children in Worship at Home

For the past three Sundays, we’ve joined Christians around the world in worshipping from our living rooms. As a mom of three children under five, it’s heartbreaking to see their disappointment at not being able to go to church.

They miss church. Of course they miss it—so do I! On Palm Sunday, as we marched around the living room with palms […]

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How to Provide the Sacrament of Family to Single People

In the face of senseless suffering, it’s easy to doubt that God exists. Family is a sacrament that could make all the difference. But what happens when someone lacks the sacrament of family?

Whether in the form of a miscarriage, suicide, divorce, terminal illness, sexual abuse, job loss, or the slow revelation of the everyday brokenness that cohabitates each of […]

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5 Practical Suggestions for Doing Advent Devotions with Your Children

I had an idea, and it was a great idea!

My family was going to do something new that year. Every night, we were going to sit down at the dining room table and do Advent devotions together.

I could already see how the night was going to go in […]

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Baptism: The First Step of Family Discipleship

I am all about believers’ baptism. Dunk ‘em. Let’s do it. A couple weeks into my time as assistant rector at my local parish, we celebrated as a church family when the father of one of our members was baptized as an adult Christian believer.

I am also all about infant baptism. Sprinkle that child. Let’s […]

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A Family Liturgy of Thanksgiving

I found them in her dining room tucked into a lowboy drawer: a sandwich sized Ziploc bag of corn kernels.  I looked around at the china hutch still full, her table shrunk small.  She had passed away just a week before. She was red-haired spunky but always full of welcome. We had driven to Akron for her funeral. […]

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Intentional silence, even for a mature Christian, can often feel either scary or superfluous. But when we make time for silence we are carving out space for transformation.

My first experience of communal silence was on a visit to a French Benedictine monastery. It was a field trip from Canterbury to Le Bec Heloin the monastery […]

Encouraging Family Discipleship

Having children is one of life’s most wonderful privileges, and it carries with it an amazing responsibility to shape the hearts and lives of our children. In fact, I can’t think of any greater responsibility than being entrusted with a human life. We have been made stewards of the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our children.

Grace is Key to […]

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Abuse Prevention in the Local Church

Ten or Fifteen years ago, I used to hear people in church say, “Why do we need to have a sexual abuse prevention program? That kind of thing wouldn’t happen here.” No one says that anymore.

Jesus said that we should never allow a little one to stumble. We need to take our responsibility seriously to provide as safe a community […]

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Get Some Rest

I believe in my heart that I don’t deserve to just rest and have fun. I feel like if I’ve worked hard or accomplished something, then I can rest. I’m sure glad God doesn’t see me the way I see myself. There remains a Sabbath rest for me.

July is often a time of vacation and rest. Not everyone has a chance to […]

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How to Raise a Healthy, Digital Savvy Child

Wearing a seatbelt, or practicing defensive driving are well understood and commonly used practices. These rituals or liturgies (bear with me on this) have been something our parents grew up with and have taught us. But our parents did not grow up with the internet (in all its glory and shame). So we have to come up with habits that […]

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From the Priest’s Wife

from a priest’s wife…published anonymously…

“So,” they ask, “what is it like to be the pastor’s wife?”

I usually smile and say something super-spiritual like, “It’s like a front row seat to the Work of God in people’s lives.” Yep, sounds good. Because, honestly, do you really want to know? That might take some more time.

Our family has few dinners together when the […]

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Praying Good Friday Over My Family

‘There’s no excuse for not praying for your wife and children every single day.’ I’ll never forget this exhortation my spiritual director gave me several years ago. I already knew the importance of praying for my family, but I needed someone to awaken my heart to this crucial calling of prayer as a father. Ever since, I’ve sought to practice, […]

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Waiting Songs for Children in Lent: An Interview with Sandra McCracken and Flo Oakes

Rain for Roots is a collaborative project of Nashville singer-songwriters Sandra McCracken, Flo Oakes, and Katy Bowser. Waiting Songs is their third album for children and is an album for Advent. But with songs on it like, “Come Light Out Hearts,” which repeats “For […]

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Thanksgiving Prayers (Not Just for Thanksgiving Day!)

Thanksgiving prayer is one of the most important kinds of prayer.

There are plenty of thanksgiving prayers out there, but we’d like to share some more thanksgiving prayers from the Anglican tradition!

The following thanksgiving prayers are from the Anglican Church in North America’s 2019 Book of Common Prayer

The General Thanksgiving (2019 BCP, pg. 25)

Almighty God, Father of […]

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Observing Advent as a Family

In less than a week, Advent will begin. Pinterest boards and blogs overflow with beautiful, meaningful ways to celebrate Advent. Truthfully when I look at some plans that other parents can implement with their kids, I’m overwhelmed. Dinner at my house usually involves three little kids, lots of food on the floor, at least one cup spilled (most often onto […]

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Family Discipleship

I am very encouraged the upcoming Anglican family Gathering at Christ Church, Plano, Texas this coming October, written about here at AnglicanPastor by David Roseberry. We need a revival of family discipleship that begins in the home.

Parenting is an amazing responsibility. I will never forget February 25, 2004. It was the day our first daughter was born. It […]

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Parents: There Must be Something You Can Do.

An Open Letter to Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, and Friends of Children:

Christ Church, Plano welcomes children at the start of their school term.

Just this week hundreds of children flooded into our sanctuary for a blessing on the launch of a new school year. There they were decked out with new shoes, […]

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Anglican Family Matters

Next month, the Pope convenes The World Meeting of Families in Philidelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.  Well over a million people are expected in attendance. It’s a big stage…but the subject of the gathering is much larger than massive crowd anticipated, but also infinitely smaller: The Family. The conference calls the family, “the sanctuary of love and life”.

There […]

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