Giving Up Excerpt in Christianity Today

You can see the latest sneak peek at Giving Up: How Giving to God Renews Hearts, Changes Minds, and Empowers Ministry on CT Pastors. This excerpt reveals five big ideas that church leaders can use to jumpstart generosity in your church. Check out the whole book on Amazon.

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Sneak Peek: An Excerpt from Giving Up

Here’s another sneak peek at my new book, Giving Up: How Giving to God Renews Hearts, Changes Minds, and Empowers Ministry, available now. This excerpt is from the second chapter, titled “The Hidden Virtue of the Early Church.” I want to give the church corrective lenses to see that the ministry of Jesus, Paul, and the very first Christians was inextricably […]

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Announcement: Giving Up is Coming Soon!

It’s Ready

After years of gathering ideas, studying Scripture, preaching “The Money Talk”, collecting three decades worth of wisdom…and months of writing and re-writing, the book is finished. 

We took our final pass at it with our red pens and now it lives with the publisher and then onto the printer…and then I […]

Launching LeaderWorks!

I am so thankful that I am able, through LeaderWorks, to take over 3 decades worth of parish leadership experience, a few bits hard-won wisdom, and few more wounds, and share them with other churches and leaders. These first months have been a joy. LeaderWorks is up and running and I am thankful to have your support and prayers.

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Almost Anonymous: Giving is Never Really Secret (Updated!!)


Anonymous (not his real name) will remain unknown to everyone who reads this account…but I can promise he is real and this story is true.

A few years ago Anonymous was moved by a random email from a bishop within the ACNA.  This man was at a particularly prayerful and important time in his […]

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Lenten Disciplines: Almsgiving

Almsgiving is not a word that we use often today. We will often speak of “mission support” or “charity” or something akin to “philanthropy.” These terms certainly speak of the mission of God, or of His call to us to be a people of love, but the traditional term for the Lenten discipline has been simply “almsgiving.”

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