Anglican Pastors vs. Priests? An Introduction to Anglican Holy Orders

Posted on May 20, 2019

I have been a full-time Anglican minister since 2005 when my wife and I moved to the Middle East as cross-cultural workers (i.e., missionaries). However, I was not ordained to the diaconate until 2017, and to the priesthood in 2018. From 2005–2017, I was involved in ministries of evangelism, discipleship and teaching, first in the…

Are You Called to Ordained Ministry?

Posted on August 14, 2015

My work involves assisting people in what we call the discernment process, which asks “Am I called to Ordained Ministry?” People often want to know a good way to discern an answer to this question. I’ve adapted some material that I’ve written for use in our diocese, that may be helpful. This article doesn’t deal…