Jesus Sneakers and Walking in Israel

Can you walk on water? Well, now you can!

A few years ago I read about the “Jesus Shoe,” which sells for over $3,000! These shoes were regular Nike brand shoes (Air Max 97’s) whose soles had been injected with certified ‘blessed-by-a-priest’ water from the Jordan River! […]

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Help East African Leaders Visit the Holy Land

I’ve enjoyed leading study tours to the Holy Land for over 30 years, but I’ve always had a special interest in helping future Christian leaders make their first visit to the place where Jesus’s ministry happened. How powerful it can be for preachers to have their visual imaginations stirred by seeing the places where Jesus himself preached!

In recent years, I’ve […]

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The Last Disciple

A Breathtaking Stage

After Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, the gospels record that he immediately was driven into the desert for forty days. For those forty days, he was tempted by Satan. He was attended by angels. He played with animals. And out in that desert place, for forty days, Jesus fasted.

You can go to this place today, or at […]

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Let’s Go There!

Many of you know the joy of faith-based travel. We have had a great time in some of the most significant places of faith on the globe. It has been a tremendous joy for Fran and I to take well over 600+ people to ‘far away places’ in the past decades. About a dozen years ago, we started to work […]

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Ten Reasons Why This Next Trip to the Holy Land is for You

In just a few weeks, the registration for the November Holy Land trip (November 12-21) will begin to close. Register quickly! If you have been thinking and praying about it…it is time to act. In the closing weeks of registration, I want to reiterate what makes this trip unique. Here are ten great reasons to join us:

1. Customization

All […]

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Throwing a Cap Over the Wall

I am walking in the Land of Giants again. Israel. Yesterday we were atop Mt. Carmel where Elijah called out the prophets of Baal. Today we walk were the Apostle Paul walked, rather, stood in chains before his captors and played the only card he seemed to have left. After several years of captivity, Paul breaks the deadlock of waiting […]

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Another Surprise Baptism Brings Sudden Appearance

I am leading a tour group of pastors through the Holy Land. Our group is about a dozen clergy, spouses, some dedicated lay people from their churches, and a father with his teenage son. A few days into the trip, the father and son asked if the young man could be baptized here in Israel.

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Week of the Sunday from Nov 20 to Nov 26; Christ the King; Proper 29, A Collect Reflection

Christ the King Sunday

The last Sunday after Pentecost, before the start of a new church year at Advent, is known as “Christ the King Sunday.” Here is the collect:

Almighty and everlasting God, whose will it is to restore all things in your well-beloved Son, the King of kings and Lord of lords: Mercifully grant that the peoples of […]

Discover Israel: Behold the Man

Every week or so, we will post about one of the sites on our upcoming Israel tours for pastors and everyone. The stories of these people and places in the Bible have the power to form us, first as humans made in the image of God, but also as servant leaders who have been called to join the […]

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Discover Israel: King Saul, Tragic Leader

Every week or so, we’ll highlight one of the sites we’ll visit on our upcoming Israel tours for pastors or for everyone. The stories of these people and places in the Bible have the power to form us, first as humans made in the image of God, but also as servant leaders who have been called […]

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Tourism in Israel on the Rise

I received a note yesterday that tourism from the United States to Israel is growing—and not just by a little bit. Compared to 2015 and 2016, tourism to Israel is up 20% from January to June. So far this year, 400,000 Americans have travelled to Israel—90,000 in the month of June alone.

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10 Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Go To Israel

This January (2018) I will lead yet another trip to the Holy Land…the first trip will be for clergy.  Then, on the heels of that, a lay-oriented trip. (Both trips are found here:

These journeys will make trip #19 and #20 in the last twenty years.  Yes…I […]

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The Jewishness of Christian Liturgy

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets;
I have not come to abolish but to fulfill them.
For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away,
Not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law
Until all is accomplished. — Matthew 5:17-18 (ESV)

Several evangelical friends […]

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Stars & Bucks

One of the most intriguing sites in the Holy Land isn’t a biblical site at all.  Stars & Bucks sits on a street down the hill from the Church of the Holy Nativity in Bethlehem. It is an obvious knock-off of the coffee giant: similar design, similar look, and not bad coffee either. (Cappuccino’s are served in a thick paper cup featuring […]

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