Clergy: Come and See Your Anglican Heritage

A few years back, Archbishop Duncan put words to what many of us had been seeing in our churches and seminaries.  He said it plainly: Young leaders and spouses coming into the Anglican tradition of Christianity with a great love and zeal for the Lord and for His church.  The impact of our rootless, post-modern culture has created a hunger […]

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Let’s Go There!

Many of you know the joy of faith-based travel. We have had a great time in some of the most significant places of faith on the globe. It has been a tremendous joy for Fran and I to take well over 600+ people to ‘far away places’ in the past decades. About a dozen years ago, we started to work […]

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A Rector’s Preaching Summit

Over at LeaderWorks, I wrote a short blog about the preaching role of the Rector.  Read it here.  And buried in the last part of the article is a small link to a HUGE opportunity for Rectors of congregations.  LeaderWorks and the American Anglican Council are sponsoring a “summit” […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Pulpit

Anglicans love liturgy. This has always been true, but in the past couple of decades, I’ve seen more and more young clergy who are especially enamored with the formational impact of rightly ordered worship.

I would imagine this phenomenon is due mostly to a generation of young priests drawn to the Anglican way from a low church […]

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Ten Reasons Why This Next Trip to the Holy Land is for You

In just a few weeks, the registration for the November Holy Land trip (November 12-21) will begin to close. Register quickly! If you have been thinking and praying about it…it is time to act. In the closing weeks of registration, I want to reiterate what makes this trip unique. Here are ten great reasons to join us:

1. Customization

All […]

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A Visit to the Holy Land is Like Coming Home

Recently, when I was in Jerusalem, I was delighted to see so many familiar faces there as well: not only those who toured with me, but other clergy and friends who travelled for the GAFCON meeting. My social media feeds were stuffed with pictures of all the landmarks I’ve come to know so well over my nearly two dozen trips […]

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My Cement Taco

At the advanced age of 62, I bought my first truck. I didn’t really need a truck, I tried to tell myself, but having a truck is something no one really needs until you need it. And then you need it. So, to ward off any future problems like that, I bought one.

I really didn’t negotiate that hard for it. […]

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Payment from the Pews

In trying to help leaders do their work, we are often talking about how to work smarter, not harder. When it comes to leading a church, this can often be misleading. After all, much of ministry work is only possible through careful, difficult effort. Whether it’s pastoral care or sermon prep, shortcuts or hacks would only lead to diminished work. […]

Bi-Vocational Life: Connecting the Secular and Sacred in Pastoral Ministry (An Introduction)

Another Article about Bi-Vocational Ministry?!

Articles about bi-vocational ministry are not uncommon. With a quick search on Google, readers could find articles that give both positive or negative feelings on bi-vocational ministry.

When praying through my call to bi-vocational ministry, I spent many hours reading these articles. However, to me, bi-vocational ministry had […]

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Announcing a New Blog Series about Bi-Vocational Ministry

Admittedly, social media is usually a dumpster fire of outrage. However, on rare days, Twitter can help foster meaningful connections! (It’s even rarer on Facebook, just saying.)

June 01, 2018 was one such rare day. I posted the following Tweet:

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Throwing a Cap Over the Wall

I am walking in the Land of Giants again. Israel. Yesterday we were atop Mt. Carmel where Elijah called out the prophets of Baal. Today we walk were the Apostle Paul walked, rather, stood in chains before his captors and played the only card he seemed to have left. After several years of captivity, Paul breaks the deadlock of waiting […]

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How to Write an Appeal Letter for Summer Mission Trips

Don’t put them to sleep.

Here they come!  Support letters asking for prayer and/or financial support. For over 30 years I encouraged would-be missionaries to write them.  But now I am starting to receive them.  Heck! We all receive them…sometimes one a week.  They seem to come in endless supply […]

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Yanny vs. Laurel and Tongues of Fire

Lots of amazing things happened on the Day of Pentecost, recorded in Acts 2. Earth was overcome with Wind and Fire. Chaos ensued. Rushing. Falling. Power. Roaring. Speaking. Hearing. Wind. Fire. Pow!  What a day.  The promised Gift of the Holy Spirit did not come gently to soothe. He is NOT that […]

Five Elegant Solutions to Grow Generosity

Some of you may know the acryonm KISS. I did not when it was first whispered in my ear by an unknown man about five minutes before my first sermon many years ago. He was a robed lay reader and was seated next to me. The church was filled with the good people of my first curacy in Arizona.  Ken […]

Interview: Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller has served as a writer, editor, and director at Christianity Today for nearly three decades. After being ordained and working as an associate at a larger Anglican church, he now serves as the rector of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois.

The church had been planted a little over a decade before Kevin arrived, and […]

Notes from Camp St. Christopher

When you drive out to St. John’s Island from Charleston, South Carolina, you move through filtered sunlight through overhanding oak branches draped with Spanish moss. The low country is filled with tall grasses and salt marshes. And when you pull up to Camp St. Christopher, at the very point of the barrier island, you are greeted by the figures of […]

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The Good Shepherd Economy

Churches desire to grow, as well they should. We are, after all, followers of the Great Commission. We desire for more and more people to come to know and proclaim the coming of God’s kingdom.

However, when church leaders want to focus on growth, they often make a crucial mistake. Often, our focus is on getting people to our front door. […]

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Special Event: Liturgy Taskforce Webinar

On April 10, LeaderWorks will facilitate a webinar from the meeting of the ACNA’s Liturgy Taskforce as they work on common texts for liturgical use for our province. We hope to provide an opportunity to hear from the faithful men and women who have put in years of hard work on this prayer book. In October 2017, we were able […]

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10 Ways to Preach the Easter Sunday Sermon

Talk about pressure—the Resurrection is the biggest event in the history of the world. Individuals and families who rarely darken the doors of a church will find their way into your sanctuary on Easter. While our culture has morphed the moment into lilies, butterflies, eggs, and bunnies, people still desire to hear this story. And why not? It […]

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Five Awkward Questions Your Church Needs to Answer (Part Five)

In the last few weeks we have been covering some awkward questions that often stymie leaders in congregations. Either no one thinks to ask the question or no one wants to bring it up. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

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The Gift of the Bible

LeaderWorks was the power engine behind The Gift of Lent program that has made its way around the ACNA. We conceived the idea and, by God’s grace, were able to build the website and get the links set up. Many thanks (almost ALL thanks) to Kolby Kerr for his work.

One of the cornerstones of the project was the daily […]

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