Married to (a) Minister: The Vocation of a Priest’s Spouse

One of the first things I knew about my husband was that he had been accepted to two different seminaries. The following conversation was all about how he had spent the past year trying to discern what God was calling him to do. At the time, he thought God was calling him to become a counselor; I wouldn’t […]

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Can Anglicans in North America Offer Something Better Than Gay Marriage?

In middle school, I realized I was gay and my family left The Episcopal Church. As a celibate Anglican now seeking ordination to the diaconate, I care deeply about how the Anglican Church in North America teaches and embodies God’s wisdom for sexual stewardship. After exploring why the ACNA has a responsibility to offer gay people something better than […]

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3 Ways to Make Singleness a Win for the Gospel

The Church needs to see more Christians faithfully walking out lifetime singleness for the sake of the kingdom (AKA “celibacy”). That witness helps the Church grasp the hope of the gospel and begin living into the reality of the kingdom today. No witness to this hope is more moving than that of Christ himself.

Jesus and Paul teach that singleness for […]

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On Publishing the Banns of Marriage

This coming Sunday and in today’s email, the church plant I serve will have a “first” of sorts – the first time the Banns of Marriage will be published. The Banns of Marriage are an ancient custom and have been canonically binding in the West since the 13th Century. Bann in the Middle English simply means “proclamation,” and the […]

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Masters and Disasters | Marriage and Divorce

“It always happens the first Monday that we’re back in the office, back after the holiday…”

Happy Holidays…but only for some. At this time of year, there are common reports of the buckling weight of the season on the fragile institution of marriage. This one is from the Chicago Tribune.

Christmas season isn’t always the happiest time of the year for […]

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A Certain Trumpet from Canterbury

The Primates of the Anglican Communion have given us a great gift in their Communique from Canterbury. Coming at the end of a long week of tense meetings, the document is a clear and certain trumpet; a strong message to entire Anglican Communion…even the whole Christian world. It reads as though it is the product of an intense battle that was […]

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Anglican Family Matters

Next month, the Pope convenes The World Meeting of Families in Philidelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.  Well over a million people are expected in attendance. It’s a big stage…but the subject of the gathering is much larger than massive crowd anticipated, but also infinitely smaller: The Family. The conference calls the family, “the sanctuary of love and life”.

There […]

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Dearly Beloved…about Marriage

old-couple-in-loveNote: A sermon preached in response to the Supreme Court ruling.

This week in America, everything changed. The Supreme Court issued a new law that guarantees the right of any same-sex couple to receive a marriage license and to have that marriage recognized in all 50 states. The Supreme Court took something […]

Will You Marry Me?

by Greg Goebel 

I’ve been asked the question, “Will you marry me?” many times. And I’ve married a few people. I mean I’ve officiated at wedding, I’ve actually only been married once (for life). But in reality its not always framed as a question. Sometimes its “Guess what! You’re going to marry us!”

The minister is often seen as an ornament to […]

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The Wedding, Anglican Style

At an Anglican wedding, almost everyone can leave happy.

Here are a few areas in which our weddings differ (or should) from your typical American wedding. Other areas are included because of contemporary relevance. I offer this in the hope of explaining what we do, but also in persuading people to see that the reasons behind what we do, or won’t […]

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