An Easy Way to Get More Scripture in Your Life

Introducing The SLOW Word Movement,

a weekly lectio divina subscription for Anglicans:


What if you could sit back and push play and have a spiritual director help you to meditate today on next Sunday’s scripture? Right where you are. Right in the midst of the press of everyday life.


What if […]

Fasting for Lent: How to Fast for Lent and Why You Should Do It

Want to Learn How to Fast for Lent and Why You Should Fast?

You’ve come to the right place!

Lent is a time for prayer and fasting. It is a season of spiritual preparation in which we remember Christ’s temptation, suffering, and death.

Historically, the church has celebrated Lent as a 40-day period beginning on Ash Wednesday and concluding the day […]

I’m Proud of My Humility

You may have heard the classic joke, “He won a badge for humility, but they took it away because he wore it.”

“Ironically self-deceived” would describe much of my inner life. I’ve felt like a failure many times. Other times, I’ve experienced envy at the success of others, or undue pride at my own successes. Anytime I’ve been told I am […]

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