LeaderWorks Update with Pictures!!!

Posted on September 5, 2018

It has been about two years since I left my position at Christ Church to begin this new ministry to help other leaders do their work. Many people have asked me why I would do such a thing. My first answer is simple: A Call. I believe that I heard from God. I sensed that…

LeaderWorks Update

Posted on July 21, 2017

There is a lot going on at LeaderWorks. I hope you will make your way over there to see it for yourself and subscribe. Thanks for your continued support at LeaderWorks. Much more to come.

Still Here! – An Update from Rookie Anglican

Posted on May 16, 2017

I’m Sorry I (Josh) would like to apologize for the sudden drop-off in Rookie Anglican posts since the release of our most recent Daily Office Booklets. Truth be told, I’ve let the project slip to the back burner as my wife and I prepare to move to Wheaton, Illinois at the end of this month….