More Hooker, Less Twitter: What Richard Hooker Can Teach Us about Writing with Meekness and Conviction

One of the greatest privileges of my life was to have served as a pastor to Mrs. Helen. The saintliest of widows, Helen was always gentle in spirit, encouraging, and thoughtful towards others, even as she ever so slightly bristled at the kids running through the aisles of our small church plant in South Texas. Kids should sit still in […]

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The Power of the Sermon Checklist: Why You Need One, and How to Make Your Own

In his best-selling book The Checklist Manifesto, surgeon Atul Gawande makes the compelling case that the best way to ensure quality is something simple, old-fashioned, and overlooked: the checklist.

In fact, he argues, we need the checklist more than ever, because today, information is so abundant and complex, it overwhelms our ability to process. To ensure we do most jobs right—fly […]

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Writing as Ministry

I personally got into new media when I built my first church website in 1997. Using HTML and a dial-up connection, I inserted a ton of hyperlinks and made tables to frame it all up. It had some killer clipart. When blogging came around I tried my hand at that in 2002 through a blog called “Bull Street.” I was hooked.

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New Guest Writer

We’re excited to announce that church planter and priest Shawn McCain will be joining us as a guest writer. Shawn will be starting with a series on the Sacramental Imagination.  The first purchase his church plant made was a chalice for communion. Why? Visit us tomorrow morning to find out!

Shawn is the founding priest of Resurrection South […]

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My Lenten Experience

Note: I wrote this a few years back, reposting it for this year. As always, thanks for reading.

My Journey

You aren’t supposed to talk about what you are doing for Lent.  Don’t “let your right hand know what your left hand is doing” and “don’t be like the Pharisees.” But people often ask me specifically how I practice Lent. Sometimes its […]

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What They Don’t Teach You In Seminary, Part 3: Practicing Sabbath

During my seminary years, teaching the theology of Sabbath was not scarce. In Old Testament courses, pastoral theology courses, and chapel services, I heard some excellent theological thinking on the Sabbath. I rarely saw sabbath practiced in community. The distance between thought and practice can become quite a chasm. Good ideas about the Sabbath can become one of the greatest […]

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What They Don’t Teach You in Seminary, Part 2: Personal Repentance

by Jack King

Image courtesy of enchiner1 via; Creative Commons 2.0 Image courtesy of enchiner1 via; Creative Commons 2.0

There is no theology apart from experience; it is necessary to change, to become a new man.’ –Vladmir Lossky ‘If you are a theologian, you truly pray; […]

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Left Behind?

Are we going to be raptured away someday? Is that an actual Christian belief? Hollywood says yes…or at least they think it might make a good action story.

Anglican Pastor writer Thomas McKenzie has addressed these questions in a movie review of Left Behind.  Fr Thomas has reviewed movies for years and so he has the movie chops. But he also hits […]

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New AP Writer: Dr. Winfield Bevins

Want to learn more about prayer? Want to be encouraged in mission?  We’ve just landed a writing pastor that will help us with both of those, in a graceful and clear way.

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Winfield Bevins will be joining our team of writers at Anglican Pastor.

winfieldWinfield is […]

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Michael Ramsey, Conversion, and Christian Reunion


by Jonathan Warren

Introducing Michael Ramsey

One feature of Anglican church history I am especially interested to highlight in these essays is the role that the Archbishop of Canterbury has played in crafting the temper […]

The Broad Churchmanship of William Reed Huntington


by Jonathan Warren

Huntington’s “Church-Idea”

Moving across the Atlantic, this week we turn our attention to a prominent priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States [1], William Reed Huntington (1838-1909). In the great age of “church parties” or factions in Anglicanism that was the nineteenth century, Huntington […]

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Welcome to the Team!

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new writers to Anglican Pastor. Canon David Roseberry will be writing from thirty years of pastoral experience. He is the planter and pastor of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and was the founding leader of Anglican 1000. Fr Jonathan Warren works for InterVarsity Texas Christian Scholars Network, and is completing his […]

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Is Catholic Biblical? Does Baptism Save us?

[Note: I’m going to do an aside this week from the Journey series.  The final installment is slated for next Friday. As always, thanks very much for reading.]

In my “Journey” series, I mentioned wrestling with the question: Do catholic and biblical go together?

When I use the word ‘catholic’ I mean the ancient and continuing, shared and historic practices and theology of […]

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Denise Levertov’s ‘On A Theme By Thomas Merton’

Lent with the Poets #4.  Series Introduction is here

Why are some writers of faith celebrated in American Christianity while others are not? That is my question about today’s poet, Denise Levertov. Among Christians devoted to the arts, Levertov is profoundly appreciated. Yet she hasn’t received the wider acclaim and affection that many afford to Frederick Buechner, Thomas Merton, Flannery […]

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New Writer at Anglican Pastor

We are pleased to announce that Fr Jack King will be joining us as a writer at Anglican Pastor.  Fr Jack will be writing a blog here called The Poetry of Faith.  The blog title is a nod to Denise Levertov’s poem “Poetics of Faith.”  His first series, beginning in Lent will be “Lent with the Poets” and he will be […]

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The Church Year and Gospel Time (Re-Post)

Time is a mysterious quantity that we are constantly affected by, sometimes ruled by, and often fighting with.  There is a natural rhythm to human life, with tiny cycles of seconds like heartbeats, embedded in larger body of minutes, hours, and days.  There are months and years, a constant tick-tock of change.  And there are seasons of life, with our […]

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The Sacred Pathways of Other People

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I rarely try to learn how other Christians have experienced God, and then encourage them in that. Instead, I try to get them to experience God in the same way I have, without ever really hearing and trying to understand their experience. This is true for many of us Christians. […]

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Who am I?

Who doesn’t, at some point, ask the question, “Who am I?” The band Supertramp expressed this desperation in their 1979 song entitled “The Logical Song”:

There are times when all the world´s asleep,
The questions run too deep,
For such a simple man.
Won´t you please, please tell me what we´ve learned?
I know it sounds absurd,
But please tell me […]

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Good Friday and the Language of Sacrifice

Shouldn’t it be called “Bad” Friday?

It was a horrible thing that we human beings killed our own creator. He came to us in lowly form, as a poor baby in a manger. He taught, he healed, he preached, he loved, he forgave. And not in spite his grace and love, but because of it, we could not […]

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