It has been a scorching hot summer in many places in the US.  In Texas we are staring at triple digits all week-end long.  Clergy tend to get a bit hot under the collar about church attendance in the summertime anyway.  However, there are a few ways we might be able to make summer attendance a bit more cool…in not cooler.

  1. Put ice cubes in the communion wine.
  2. Sing Texas favorite “Cool Water” for opening hymn.
  3. Install water misters at the communion rail.
  4. Include “How to fold your service sheet into a fan” instructions in a hand-out.
  5. Put Cargo shorts on the ushers and acolytes.
  6. Ask Jesus to bring back the storm he calmed.
  7. Distribute back the offering for everyones AC bills
  8. Declare the “Ice-Bucket Challenge” an annual summer tradition.
  9. Preach a sermon entitled: “Hell.  And It Ain’t a Dry Heat Neither.”
  10. Suddenly believe in re-baptism by full immersion.