Dear Readers,

At the end of this amazing year, I want to thank our Managing Editor, the Rev. Joshua Steele, for a terrific ministry overseeing the day-to-day work of Anglican Pastor. He has helped our blog “step up” to the tremendous opportunity that we have to speak words of clarity and charity about the Gospel faith and The Great Tradition.

I also give thanks for the Rev. Cn. Greg Goebel who serves as our General Editor. Greg’s love for Anglicanism is evident in the articles and posts that he writes. But he also wants to extend the opportunity for many others in the church to write for Anglican Pastor.

Here are just a few stats from 2019.

  • As of December 16, we have published (+ a few updates/re-releases) 153 posts this year!
  • According to Google Analytics, we’ve had 285,496 users visit the site since January 1.
  • Those users have logged 393,989 sessions and 612,147 pageviews!
  • Our audience is surging, and so is our number of authors (76 total)!

More importantly, I want to thank YOU!

Yes, you! All of our readers who have come to visit us at this site every day and every month.

We know your time is precious and we know you are interested in compelling articles and information about our faith and the history and tradition of Anglicanism.

I am thankful that over 1000 of you answered the most recent reader survey and gave our planning group loads of great information and ideas for future content!

We need your help.

Anglican Pastor is supported by its readers. Your contributions to Anglican Pastor are greatly needed in order to help this site reach more people with more content that can inform and encourage our readers.

Will you give this year? The giving button above will take you to the LeaderWorks site where you can make a tax-deductible contribution to Anglican Pastor. All money received through this site will be used to support Anglican Pastor. So give boldly and confidently. We really do need your help.

Anglican Pastor is published by LeaderWorks.

When I left Christ Church Plano as its Rector over three years ago, I felt the call to turn my attention to developing leaders and ministries that could help Anglicanism in North America.

I was thankful that Greg Goebel encouraged a publishing partnership with LeaderWorks. As its publisher, we cover the current costs, staffing, and expenses for this important online ministry. Your financial gifts to Anglican Pastor are earmarked and used to support this ministry.

Thank you, Joshua, Greg, and our thousands and thousands of readers!!!!

In Christ,

The Rev. Canon David Roseberry