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Have you ever wondered if there’s more to “the Christmas season” than frantic shopping and unbridled consumerism?

In A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home, Ashley Wallace gives you everything you need to recover the ancient Christian season of Advent with your family and friends this year.

Here’s what’s inside A Thrill of Hope:

  • What are the Seasons of the Church?
  • What is Advent?
  • How to Prepare Our Hearts and Minds for Advent
  • Ways to Celebrate Advent
    • Advent Traditions for the Entire Season
    • Advent Traditions for Specific Days
  • Advent Devotions
  • Advent Recipes

Whether you’d like to learn more about the history and meaning of Advent or you’re just on the lookout for some tasty Advent recipes, let Ashley be your Advent guide!

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