Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand


The Rev. Chris Marchand is a priest in the Diocese of Quincy and most recently served as pastor of worship and music at Epiphany Church in Peoria, Illinois. He is the author of Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas: A Guide for Churches and Families, out October 2019 through Wipf and Stock. Chris and his wife, Elisa, have three boys and a girl. He is always up for a discussion about music, film, literature, or art of any kind.

Here’s Why You Should Celebrate an Epiphany Festival

Posted on December 18, 2019

Anglicans often speak of the tradition of the 12 days of Christmas, emphasizing how the holiday is not merely one day but rather an extended season. The season spans from December 25 (or the evening of December 24) through January 5, and contains a number of nativity-oriented feast days along with separate saints’ days. Many…