Preston Hill

Preston Hill


Dr. Preston Hill is an Assistant Professor of Integrative Theology, Co-Chair of Integration, and Director of the D.Min. Program at Richmont Graduate School. He is also a pastoral therapist and is discerning a call to ordination in the ACNA. Preston has a Ph.D. in Divinity from the University of St. Andrews. He and his wife, Chesney, have two children.

3 Reasons Why Christ’s Descent into Hell Is Good News

Posted on April 12, 2019

Christ’s descent into hell is one of the strangest things Christians confess. Two out of the three ecumenical creeds confessed by Anglicans contain it (Apostles’ Creed and Athanasian Creed). From Augustine to Aquinas to Calvin, the vast majority of theologians have concluded that the descent into hell is implicitly taught in Scripture. They have argued…