(From the author’s blog at LeaderWorks)

A seminarian wrote me about a possible call from God to plant a church. He was excited to ask about his potential…what it would take and how he should prepare to undertake the task. He asked, “How could I know if I am a church planter?”

I could not help thinking about how Jeff Foxworthy might handle this moment…

1. If you have ever counted the ceiling tiles of a any room trying to guess out how many people might fit in it…you might be a church planter.

2. If you secretly hope that your NFL team loses the season early so that the play-off games won’t conflict with your Sunday service…you might be a church planter.

3. If you have studied the Bible in the original languages but still try to get your sermon points to start with the SAME LETTER…you might be a church planter.

4. If you have ever seen or used or thought about using the image below for anything…ever…you might be a church planter.successfulchurchplants

5. If you talk to yourself…in the car…by yourself…and you seem like pretty good company for yourself…you might be a church planter.

6. If your gold Starbucks card has gone platinum…you might be a church planter.

7. When you take attendance on Sunday and you count pregnant women twice…you might be a church planter.

8. If you buy Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s for your communion wine…you might be a church planter.

9. If, while on vacation you attend another church, and after the service you try to stack their pews…you might be a church planter.

10. sleeping_jury1If you preach the sermons, organize the volunteers, update the website, order new plastic chairs on the way to a hospital visit, and you think that jury duty would be a vacation…you might be a church planter.

(With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy and thanks to some great church planters I know (Jason Bowman, Jed Roseberry, Peter Coelho, Ryan Jones, and Shawn McCain) who gave good input.)