We recently hosted a roundtable discussion on race, justice, and social unrest. Over 300 people attended the webinar live, and the recording is now available for those who were not able to join us in real-time!

Archbishop Foley Beach has called the Anglican Church in North America to join him in prayer and fasting from Wednesday, June 3 to Wednesday, June 10.

Our various communities are experiencing so much heartache right now. In response to the death of George Floyd, several official statements have been released. Bishops Jim Hobby, Todd Hunter, Stewart Ruch, and Steve Wood issued A Letter Concerning the Death of George Floyd and So Many Others. The Archbishop commended it to all clergy in ACNA.

Here on Anglican Compass, we published A Letter to Fellow ACNA Clergy: On Anti-Racism and a More Diverse and Just Anglicanism. Over 400 clergy and over 400 laypersons and friends have signed it. A cursory review will show widespread participation across dioceses in our province.

How should we make sense of everything that’s going on? Our goal at Anglican Compass is to help you navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity. To that end, we hosted a conversation on “Race, Justice, and Social Unrest in North America.”

Hosted and moderated by Greg Goebel and Daniel Adkinson, our roundtable featured the following panelists:

What were your top takeaways and highlights from the discussion? Please let us know in the comments below!