Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone and everyone interested in the ancient Christian season of Lent.

If you’ve never observed Lent before, there’s plenty to learn! But even if you’ve been observing Lent for a long time, we trust that the personal reflections and collect reflections we’ve assembled will add richness and depth to your Lenten journey.

What makes this Lent book different from other Lenten resources out there?

There are a lot of great Lent devotional readers, but there are few books that overview the practices of Lent alongside the devotional experience of Lent.

Few books emphasize both the personal aspect of the journey and also the corporate worship aspect. We’ve packed all of that into a very basic book that anyone can profit from.

Who are the editors and authors?

Greg Goebel and Joshua Steele edited and contributed to the book. Tish Harrison Warren wrote an excellent Foreword. And we’ve compiled pieces from the following authors:

  • Lincoln Anderson
  • Winfield Bevins
  • Myles Hixson
  • Kolby Kerr
  • Jack King
  • Michael Matlock
  • Gerald R. McDermott
  • Erin Faith Moniz
  • Lee Nelson
  • Cameron Robinson
  • Michael Rosengren
  • Peter Smith
  • Rachel Wilhelm

Is Lent just for Roman Catholics or Anglicans?

Lent became a part of the church year long before there were denominations and divisions. It is a Christian tradition that anyone can embrace in any church.

How can this book help a local church?

Many churches out there are observing Lent for the first time, or still getting used to observing Lent as a church family. If that’s the case, then this book would be helpful for everyone in the church, including the pastoral staff as they plan for the Lenten season.

This book would also be a great giveaway to people who are new to liturgical traditions in general and Lent in particular.

And, if your church has small groups looking for Lenten material, then this book would be a great starting point!

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