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Canon David has over 35 years of local congregational ministry, diocesan and national involvement, leadership, and ministry experience and is the founder of Leaderworks. He was the founding Rector/Pastor, Christ Church, Plano and currently serves as the Strategic Leader and Dean, Diocese of C4SO.

A Vision for 2020 (Our Anglican Future, Pt. 1)

Over the last few decades, everyone has been aiming at 2020. So many churches and organizations looking to clarify their goals and objectives set a 2020 (20/20) Vision. Organizations set goals to plant a certain number of churches by 2020 or raise up a certain number of leaders. Individual churches looked ahead to 2020 as the year by which they […]

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REVISED: Coronavirus and Your Church: 10 Suggestions

It is upon us. Both the COVID-19 coronavirus and the fear of it have descended upon the world—and soon upon our nation. The unprecedented decisions to limit travel into the United States will send shock waves all over the globe.

At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of people are symptomatic and several thousand have died. It is a […]

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When Giving Keeps on Giving! Generosity Can Make a Difference for Decades

I met Herb at breakfast in 1992.

He and I were newly elected members of a national board and met for the first time the day before. At breakfast the next morning, I walked right by Herb carrying my plate filled with bacon, eggs, and my morning coffee.

“David, join me!” Herb called out to me as I walked by him.

Okay…” I […]

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What They Are Saying About Epiphany

Epiphany is January 6th. And as the kings discovered Jesus as King, so others have and others will.

Lord Jesus
may your light shine our way,
as once it guided the steps of the magi:
that we too may be led into your presence
and worship you,
the Child of Mary,
the Word of the Father,
the King of nations,
the Saviour of mankind;
to whom be glory for ever.
—Frank Colquhoun

Let […]

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What NOT to Get Your Rector (Or Their Spouse) for Christmas!

I have been having fun writing about some gift ideas for Rectors and their Spouses. I served as a Rector for over 30 years and spend a lot of time now with Rectors and their families.

I know that many laypeople want to get the Rector and their Spouse a gift for Christmas to show their love and appreciation. […]

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What Your Rector’s Spouse Wants For Christmas

Earlier, I wrote a post about What Your Rector Wants For Christmas. I love Rectors and have the good fortune to spend time with, teach, coach, and encourage lots of Rectors around the Anglican Church in North America.

But I don’t just love Rectors. I also love their families! The role of a Rector is unique. So is the role of […]

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Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Dear Readers,

At the end of this amazing year, I want to thank our Managing Editor, the Rev. Joshua Steele, for a terrific ministry overseeing the day-to-day work of Anglican Pastor. He has helped our blog “step up” to the tremendous opportunity that we have to speak words of clarity and charity about the Gospel […]

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End The Year Strong! Resources to Help Your Church

I do not remember exactly what I was saying on Saturday when the picture above was taken, but I was clearly animated! (Please no caption contests!)

In any event, I had a great time speaking at the Anglican Diocese of the South Mission Matters 2019 Conference and Synod this past weekend. I spoke with numerous Rectors who are using

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What Are We Missing? Ministry and Moral Failure

I know of a very talented ordained priest and colleague of mine who left his ministry; he was removed from the ordained ministry altogether. His bishop removed him. There was something he did to which he confessed, and he is no longer a priest. I do not know the details. I don’t need to know. My heart breaks for him, […]

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Rectors, Can You Land These Planes?

I live on the flight path for DFW. The planes are a few miles above my home as they make their final approach and landing. Sometimes, at dusk, on a cool fall evening, when the mist is gone and the fading sunset is just right, I can see up to seven planes at once.

The sun has set for me, but […]

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Paying the Pastor: How to Figure Out Compensation for Clergy

As the Evergreen Project continues to create, collect, and curate the best resources for a thriving church, the issue of clergy compensation is unavoidable.

About a year ago, I wrote an article about this topic as part of a series on Awkward Church Questions.

  1. Who should have access to the giving records?
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Jesus Sneakers: Israel 2021

Can you walk on water? Well, now you can!

Introducing the “Jesus Shoe,” which sell for over $3,000! These shoes are regular Nike brand shoes (Air Max 97’s) whose soles have been injected with certified ‘blessed-by-a-priest’ water from the Jordan River! These Holy Water sneakers give the […]

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Pledge Cards, pt. 2: Additional Factors to Consider

As the Evergreen Project continues to create, collect, and curate the best resources for a thriving church, the issue of pledge cards comes quickly to the front of the line.

Recently, we addressed the base level question of whether congregations should use an annual pledge card system as a best practice for regular giving. We looked at some of […]

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Pledge Cards: To Have or To Hold

This post is part of an ongoing conversation about generosity and stewardship in conjunction with The Evergreen Project’s fall campaign, “The Joy of Giving Up.”

As the Evergreen Project continues to create, collect, and curate the best resources for a thriving church, the issue of pledge cards comes quickly to the front of the line.

Should a congregation of faithful […]

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Don’t Ignore These Important Trends in Church Giving and Attendance

Recently, I presented a webinar on general trends in attendance and generosity across the United States and Canada for clergy and vestry / lay leadership. The webinar was part of the ongoing training related to the The Evergreen Project and our Fall Program – The Joy of Giving Up.

Rooted in […]

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How to Become a Generous Church

“Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the LORD your God has blessed you” (Deuteronomy 16:17).

The Joy of Giving Up will introduce one single idea to the people of your church. It is not my original idea. I have not heard it from anyone that I have ever met in my lifetime. But I […]

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Money Well Spent: Why Your Church Should Consider the Joy of Giving Up

The first sermon I ever heard on stewardship was called “The Sermon on the Amount”. It was classic. And bad!

It was spoken by a young layperson who had been commissioned by the Sr. Warden to “say a few words.” It was mercifully short. It was truly apologetic, in the bad sense of the word.

The preacher stood up near the front […]

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What They are Saying about Pentecost

“Since the days of Pentecost, has the whole church ever put aside every other work and waited upon Him for ten days, that the Spirit’s power might be manifested? We give too much attention to method and machinery and resources, and too little to the source of power.”

– J. Hudson Taylor

“It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, […]

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Should You Preach a Father’s Day Sermon on Father’s Day?

NOTE: If you’re looking for a Collect for Father’s Day, consider this one, written by Fr. Bryan Owen at Creedal Christian:

O Lord our God, creator of heaven and earth, through your Son Jesus Christ you have revealed yourself as a heavenly Father to all of your children. Bless, we pray, all earthly […]

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All Should, Some Must, Few Do: A Letter to ACNA Rectors

The Evergreen Project is a fresh approach to addressing one of the most difficult questions in ministry: How can pastors talk about stewardship, generosity, and money with the people they are trying to serve and lead?

The subject fills pastors with dread and congregations with skepticism. Isn’t the priest supposed to feed the sheep, not fleece the sheep?! No matter how […]

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Mother’s Day Sermons: Yes or No? (UPDATED 2020)

Mother’s Day sermons, at least in certain circles, can be a bit controversial. After all, Mother’s Day is not liturgical holiday, an official part of the Church calendar.

So, should you preach Mother’s Day sermons? In a word, yes. This year, let me say it even more strongly, “You’d better!”

(For all of our Anglican Compas content on preaching, go […]

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Ten Thoughts for the Mother’s Day Sermon

Motherhood is one of the most fundamental human roles, given by God and knit into our DNA.

Hallmark’s calendar doesn’t dictate our preaching, but this particular holiday seems worth some attention.

Some Mother’s Day Sermon tips are listed below and can be developed into whole sermons; others are just words of advice. Use this list to re-imagine how you could approach this […]

Learning to Preach from G. Campbell Morgan (Preachers of the Past, pt. 4)

This is part 4 of “Preachers of the Past,” a series where we discuss four distinct preachers from the past, ranging from 347 A.D. to 1945. 

We’ve included detailed preaching points for study and discussion towards the bottom of this post.

Some Background on G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945)

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Want to Help Your Church Grow in Generosity? Check Out The Evergreen Project

The Evergreen Project site is live! Go there now to see what awaits you and your congregation.

We are just getting started, but there are plenty of things to help you grow your congregation’s understanding of the vision and values of generosity and stewardship.

What is The Evergreen Project?

The Evergreen Project is going to be great for every congregation that will […]

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