About Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison is the associate priest at Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin, Florida. He graduated from Trinity School for Ministry with his Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology in Systematic Theology. He is passionate about theology, catechesis, evangelistic discipleship, and seeing all of life in light of Christ and his gospel. He spends time with his wife, Lindsay, and daughters, Maren and Lisette, cooking together, playing games, and going on adventures together.

We Need a Path To Develop Mature Christians. Could Catechesis Be the Answer?

Alpha is great, but we need more!  You’ve probably heard of the Alpha Course. Alpha is a place for seeking, curious, or burned-out people to ask questions and explore the basics of the Christian faith without judgment or expectation to believe. Some people use it to introduce people to the Christian faith, others as a refresher, some use it as [...]

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Reimagining Conversion

Question: How do you become a Christian? (Common) Answer: “Say ‘yes’ to Jesus.” Is this good enough? I would suggest it isn’t. Is this any different than saying “yes” to a new pair of shoes or the latest Instagram trend? This is not a robust understanding of conversion found in Scripture. True conversion is more akin to dying than buying [...]

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Is Christian Maturity Attainable? It Depends on How You Define It

Growing up in the Church, Scripture passages that tell me to be perfect, mature, or grow up in Christ gave me both a pit in my stomach and a desire for maturity. I wanted to be mature, but it always felt like an impossible feat. Have you felt that? It kind of feels like the Christian equivalent of always “adulting” [...]

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