About Hannah King

Hannah King is a priest, writer, and mother. She and her husband Michael share the role of Associate Rector at Village Church in Greenville, SC, where they are raising their two toddler boys. Visit her website at hannahmillerking.com.

The Pregnant Promise of the Annunciation

What Day Is It? When a crisis hits, it’s easy to lose track of time. “What day is it today?” has been asked in our (virtual) office a lot this week. Our minds are all muddled, our senses are in overdrive, and our routines have been disrupted. This is why, even though I otherwise expected it, I was surprised when [...]

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Advent for Exiles: When the Holidays Aren’t Happy

The American Dream In the American imagination, the “holiday season”—that stretch of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas—is a magical one. It calls to mind beautifully decorated tables and the nearness of loved ones. It is shrouded in soft light and comes with the promise of fulfilled longing. Whether we carry childish hope for the ultimate gift from Santa— like the [...]

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Learning to Love the Whole Church: Why I Decided to Join the Anglican Church in North America

If someone had told me ten years ago that today I would be an Anglican priest, I would not have responded with joy or even disappointment; I simply would have been confused. Raised in a squarely evangelical culture, I grew up without conscious knowledge of liturgical denominations—and probably a degree of suspicion toward them. I still remember the first time [...]

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