About Fr. Lee Nelson

The Rev. Lee Nelson, S.S.C. is a priest, church-planter, and catechist. He has planted churches in Waco and College Station, Texas with the aim of making disciples on college campuses. He is currently the Chair of the Committee for Catechesis of the Anglican Church in North America which produced To Be a Christian, an Anglican Catechism.

Catechesis 2: Recovering the Old Ways

A series by Fr. Lee Nelson, special for Anglican Pastor. 

As I study the ways of the ancient Church, I have discovered two things. First, they had a very high standard for catechetical discipleship and subsequent Church membership and that second, that high standard only aided in their progress in evangelism. As we enter the age of Post-Christendom, it seems to […]

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Getting Catechesis Back on Track

A series by Fr. Lee Nelson, special for Anglican Pastor. 

PART 1: Recovering the Lost Tools

The Church Father Gregory of Nyssa once remarked in the middle of the Arian controversy of the 4th Century, “If you ask anyone in Constantinople for change, he will start discussing with you whether the Son is begotten or unbegotten. If you ask about the quality […]

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