About Matthew Aughtry

Matthew Aughtry is a priest in the diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO). He serves as an Assisting Priest at Christ Church Waco in the Diocese of Fort Worth. He is the Assistant Director of Worship, Technology, and Communication for Chapel at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he also teaches as an adjunct professor of Film and Digital Media. He completed his MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary and is a Brehm Scholar for Theology and the Arts.

Consider Saving Lives: 3 Problems to Consider Before Live-Streaming Worship

I previously wrote a post with some advice about how to move forward with video in this strange time. For several reasons, I decided to leave out the most controversial of my suggestions. I have seen others, including those on this website, suggesting that the ideal way of approaching the task ahead of us is by utilizing live video. I [...]

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Mass via Media: Suggestions for Using Video Technology to Transmit Anglican Worship

I grew up Southern Baptist and met my wife while working as a videographer at a summer camp run by Lifeway. My first real job was making videos and short films for worship at a large Bible church in Arkansas. When it became clear that Anglicanism was going to become my ecclesial home, I assumed that my love and passion [...]

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