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Zachary Jones is an Anglican priest serving at Christ Church Westshore. He is an STM student at Trinity School for Ministry. He and his wife live in Cleveland, Ohio. You can follow Zach on Twitter at @thelittlevicar.

How to Become a Subversive Church, pt. 2: Catholics, not Church-Shoppers

As a minister, nothing makes my stomach hurt like the phrase “church-shopping” and the statements that often come with it: “I didn’t like their worship style.” “The pastor preached a little long.” “There weren’t enough programs available." The list goes on and on. One could write a book about the many issues that this concept of church-shopping points to in [...]

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How to Become a Subversive Church

Bowing to Baal I recently heard someone on the radio say that we (Americans) live in a “post-religion” nation. The radio personality went on to describe how America has become a land void of virtue, no longer giving spiritual matters much thought. In other words, America has become increasingly secular. This is, in my opinion, untrue. Allow me to suggest [...]

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Baptism: The First Step of Family Discipleship

I am all about believers’ baptism. Dunk ‘em. Let’s do it. A couple weeks into my time as assistant rector at my local parish, we celebrated as a church family when the father of one of our members was baptized as an adult Christian believer. I am also all about infant baptism. Sprinkle that child. Let’s do it. In a [...]

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Marching from Fundamentalism to the Canterbury Trail (By Zach Jones)

Growing up, words like “Jesus” and “Church” were commonplace. My parents raised me and my siblings in a Christian household, and I cannot remember a time where I did not know about how Jesus died for my sins and rose again. In my Baptist upbringing, the Gospel was shared almost every Sunday. I knew the lines, and by the time [...]

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