As 2020 comes to a close, and a new liturgical year has just begun, I’m convinced that Anglicanism has something to offer Christ’s Church in these difficult days.

Sure, we Anglicans have our problems just like everyone else. We should be humble and self-critical. But our tradition contains rhythms and resources that, I believe, the Church could really use right now. 

Consider, for example, the Daily Office. What if we could get just 10-20% more Christians to regularly pray Morning and Evening Prayer? What kinds of “discipleship dividends” could result from that? 

Can you imagine?

These are the kinds of questions that get me excited.

I’m convinced that our community here at Anglican Compass, our movement, can help turn these questions into reality!

What we’ve done in 2020

Yes, 2020 has been a difficult year. But, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to accomplish the following!

  • Answer dozens of readers’ questions about Anglican life
  • Publish or revise over 180 blog posts
  • Expand our group of Anglican Compass authors to 120
  • Publish our widely-used “Daily Office Booklet
  • Publish The Rector & The Vestry by David Roseberry
  • Publish When The Lord Is My Shepherd by David Roseberry
  • Publish Simply Anglican by Winfield Bevins
  • Revise and expand A Thrill of Hope by Ashley Wallace
  • Change our name from Anglican Pastor to Anglican Compass
  • Update our logo and branding
  • Upgrade our web hosting to handle more traffic
  • Hire me (Josh Steele) as a half-time Managing Editor

In the year ahead, we’d like to do the following

  • Answer even more of your questions about Anglicanism
  • Publish at least 6 more books, including How To Do The Daily Office and The Daily Office Book
  • Produce more video content
  • Start a podcast
  • Create online courses on the basics of Anglican history and doctrine
  • Produce resources specifically for local Anglican churches to use
  • Nurture a robust community of like-hearted supporters

Of course, to make these things happen, we need your help!

Yes, proceeds from our book sales help to fund our ministry, and we’d like to increase this income in 2021 to make our work more financially sustainable! 

But we rely upon generous donations from people like you to keep Anglican Compass running and growing.

So, if you’ve benefited from Anglican Compass and you resonate with our vision, please

  1. Make a one-time donation or
  2. Make a recurring donation via Patreon (this will get you various perks!)

With your generous continued support, I’m convinced that we can introduce even more people to the riches of the Anglican tradition in 2021.

But, hear me, this isn’t about Anglicanism as an end in itself. It’s about Jesus!

With your help, we can make devoted disciples of Jesus whose anchor holds, no matter what the storms of life throw at them.

~ Josh Steele

P.S. I’m always looking for ways to improve Anglican Compass. If there’s a specific way that we can better serve you in the year ahead, would you please let me know? You can comment below, or use our contact form.