3 Ways Pastors Can Provide Theological Leadership During COVID-19

It is now Eastertide and the quarantine orders have not been lifted nor has the spread and toll of COVID-19 been fully exacted: we are still living in the time of the virus. Some among us may have hoped that, by Doubting Thomas Sunday at least, we might have some clearer picture of “when we can return to normal,” but [...]

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Consider Saving Lives: 3 Problems to Consider Before Live-Streaming Worship

I previously wrote a post with some advice about how to move forward with video in this strange time. For several reasons, I decided to leave out the most controversial of my suggestions. I have seen others, including those on this website, suggesting that the ideal way of approaching the task ahead of us is by utilizing live video. I [...]

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Discerning Digital Fruitfulness in a Pandemic

Ministry Dashboard Pastors operate with a default dashboard. In fact, the measurements on the dashboard will tell you a lot about the values of the church. Classic metrics were the so-called ABC's of attendance, buildings, and cash. Newer missional metrics might include adult baptisms, participation in groups, or service hours in our community. Right now, pastors feel like they are [...]

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What Does Adaptive Leadership Look Like in a Pandemic? (COVID–19 Resource Roundup)

(Spoiler Alert: There are a few videos in this update [see below]. Watch them all on The Evergreen Project YouTube channel.) Last year, long before this COVID-19 pandemic, Archbishop Foley Beach sent every rector in ADOTS a recommended book. The book was Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger. We plan on offering a full review [...]

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Mass via Media: Suggestions for Using Video Technology to Transmit Anglican Worship

I grew up Southern Baptist and met my wife while working as a videographer at a summer camp run by Lifeway. My first real job was making videos and short films for worship at a large Bible church in Arkansas. When it became clear that Anglicanism was going to become my ecclesial home, I assumed that my love and passion [...]

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Looking Ahead Together (COVID–19 Resource Roundup)

We have come through Easter Week. Most churches and leaders are catching their breath and beginning to look ahead. Our resources this week focus on the Church Sustainable and encouraging stories from the field. Since our last resource roundup, it was announced that funding for the Payroll Protection Program of the CARES Act has run out of funds. Many feel [...]

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Let’s Make the Church Sustainable

It is easy to see why some would worry today about the durability of the Church in these days of coronavirus. Most every church is living through a perfect storm of problems, obstacles, and fear. First, the members of our congregations are besieged by bad news on the economic front. Twenty-two million (and more) people have been laid off in [...]

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Taking the Long View (COVID–19 Resource Roundup)

This is the third "COVID–19 Resource Roundup" (click here to view them all), collections of resources that are encouraging to the Body of Christ. Behind the scenes of worry and terror, our clergy are stepping up and doing new things in a new age. Their creative energy and passion are making these days effective for the Lord. Go to the [...]

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Ministry in a Pandemic: Resource Roundup (2020-04-07)

The Evergreen Project is broadening its scope. Archbishop Foley Beach and Canon Alan Hawkins have tasked Canon David Roseberry and the Evergreen Project along with Canon Phil Ashey and the American Anglican Council to collect, create, and curate resources from around the Anglican church to help all of our congregations in the Anglican Church in North America through this time. [...]

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Online Worship Ideas for Holy Week & Easter (Webinar Recording)

Earlier this week, the Evergreen Project hosted a panel of Rectors from Anglican churches in the US and Canada to talk about how they are navigating online worship and plans for this coming Holy Week & Easter. The webinar began with greetings from Archbishop Foley Beach who prayed for our Rectors and joined us for the entire presentation. He even [...]

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The Burial Rite of The Book of Common Prayer 2019 Explained

Quite a few new priests have never officiated a funeral. We have had many requests for a simple overview, and we reached out to Fr. Lee Nelson for such a post. We also include a funeral planning guide that can be used to work with individuals and families in planning. This post assumes the ability to hold a public funeral [...]

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The Church is Not Closed

Churches all over the world are not holding public gatherings, and are moving their ministries to online or one-on-one ministry. They do this as an act of love, not out of fear. But we are not closed; we are more active than ever. Fear is understandable, and we should take this virus seriously. But we are not suspending public worship [...]

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Ministry in a Pandemic: Resource Roundup (2020-03-31)

Note from David Roseberry: There are so many leaders, churches, and ministries that are facing the challenge of our day with passion, purpose, and creativity. The bad news is that this pandemic is upon us all.  The good news is that leaders are working in their own context to strengthen gospel ministry. It is impressive to see! Read this post [...]

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Ministry in a Pandemic: Resource Roundup (2020-03-26)

The Evergreen Project, led by Canon David Roseberry, is broadening its scope. Our job has been Creating, Collecting, and Curating Resources for a Thriving Church. In the midst of the current pandemic, and at the invitation of the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of North America, we want to help our parishes thrive specifically in the midst of this challenging, [...]

How to Develop Sacred Space through Online Streaming

Most of us are trying to get our feet under us as we figure out how to hold services online during this time. There’s no shortage of advice on what programs to use and what equipment you need. But in the midst of this scramble for information, we must take a moment to consider what we hope to create in [...]

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Stewardship in an Age of Coronavirus

My role as curator and guide for The Evergreen Project compels me to write a few thoughts and ideas for the benefit of all of our leaders in the Anglican Church in North America. Whether or not these ideas and suggestions, and the thinking behind them, make their way beyond our newly formed denomination, I cannot tell. But my perceived [...]

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Read “The Rector and the Vestry,” A Guide for Rectors, Wardens, and Vestry Members

It took about three months to finish this one phone call. When I was done, I had a book called The Rector and the Vestry. It is now available on Amazon. In November of 2019, I was speaking with a friend and colleague in ministry. He is the Rector of a small but growing church that he planted about seven [...]

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Your Church and Coronavirus: Ten Suggestions (UPDATED)

It is upon us. Both the COVID-19 coronavirus and the fear of it have descended upon the world—and upon our nation. The unprecedented decisions to limit travel into the United States will send shock waves all over the globe. At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of people are symptomatic and several thousand have died. It is a [...]

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Mature vs. Beginner Benedicting: How to Give a Blessing the Right (Not Just Rite) Way

The assembly looked shocked the first time I gave the benediction. Now, I grew up in a "middle-of-the-candle" tradition. If you can imagine Goldilocks coming to our house of worship, I would imagine her saying, “It's not too high. And It's not too low.” The churchmanship or style of worship, that is. We thought it was “just right.” Pastors wore [...]

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A Vision for 2020 (Our Anglican Future, Pt. 1)

Over the last few decades, everyone has been aiming at 2020. So many churches and organizations looking to clarify their goals and objectives set a 2020 (20/20) Vision. Organizations set goals to plant a certain number of churches by 2020 or raise up a certain number of leaders. Individual churches looked ahead to 2020 as the year by which they [...]

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REVISED: Coronavirus and Your Church: 10 Suggestions

It is upon us. Both the COVID-19 coronavirus and the fear of it have descended upon the world—and soon upon our nation. The unprecedented decisions to limit travel into the United States will send shock waves all over the globe. At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of people are symptomatic and several thousand have died. It is [...]

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Missional Leadership for the Ordinary Pastor: 3 Simple Steps

Missional leadership is not as mysterious or difficult as you might think. It is simply embodying the work of a missionary in your context—and teaching others to do the same. As the body of Christ, the Church is bearer of Divine blessing, and sign, foretaste and instrument of the Kingdom. Missional leadership articulates the vision and shapes the values that [...]

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Readings for Pastors on Race in America

Serving in Christian ministry in America requires a knowledge of the racial history and current reality of our context. We need to understand how people are affected by our racial history and present struggles, especially through the African American experience. I’ve found the following books to be helpful to me for understanding perspectives on race and society. There are many [...]

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How to Teach Like an Anglican: Developing a Distinctly Anglican Pedagogy

I suspect we can all readily articulate what it means to worship like an Anglican, to pray like an Anglican, and to read the Bible like an Anglican. But how much have we thought about what it might look like to teach like an Anglican? Conversations about the teaching ministry of the church tend to focus on the content of [...]

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