Ten Thoughts for the Mother’s Day Sermon

Posted on May 1, 2019

Motherhood is one of the most fundamental human roles, given by God and knit into our DNA. Hallmark’s calendar doesn’t dictate our preaching, but this particular holiday seems worth some attention. Some Mother’s Day Sermon tips are listed below and can be developed into whole sermons; others are just words of advice. Use this list to…

Should You Seek Life in the Ministry?

Posted on April 26, 2019

Actually, let me make my purpose clear: you should consider life in the ministry. Being an Anglican, my assumption is that you will be thoroughly vetted: various discernment committees, a whole string of approvals and mentoring from your Bishop and your Rector, seminary, psychological exams and ordination exams. The fact is, one does not ordain…

Have We Been Here Before? Gnosticism, Nationalism, and Neo-Paganism

Posted on February 25, 2019

“We’ve never been here before.” This is a sentiment I encounter frequently in other priests in the Anglican Church in North America. As churches throughout America shut their doors, culture perpetually changes, politics fray, tensions rise, and faith declines, I share the feeling. This current moment in the religious landscape of the secular West is…

3 Ways to Make Singleness a Win for the Gospel

Posted on February 18, 2019

The Church needs to see more Christians faithfully walking out lifetime singleness for the sake of the kingdom (AKA “celibacy”). That witness helps the Church grasp the hope of the gospel and begin living into the reality of the kingdom today. No witness to this hope is more moving than that of Christ himself. Jesus…

Why Collaborative Ministry? An Australian’s Story

Posted on February 11, 2019

In the early 2000’s, about four years into my ministry as an Anglican Priest, I started to seriously doubt my leadership capacities and probably came close to slipping into depression. I had been working in a series of financially struggling parishes with small congregations. Although I’d been given pretty good formation as a “minister of…

The Good Shepherd Economy

Posted on April 9, 2018

Churches desire to grow, as well they should. We are, after all, followers of the Great Commission. We desire for more people to come to know and proclaim the coming of God’s kingdom. However, when church leaders want to focus on growth, they often make a crucial mistake. Our focus is often on getting people…

10 Ways to Preach the Easter Sunday Sermon

Posted on March 27, 2018

Talk about pressure—the Resurrection is the biggest event in the history of the world. Individuals and families who rarely darken the doors of a church will find their way into your sanctuary on Easter. While our culture has morphed the moment into lilies, butterflies, eggs, and bunnies, people still desire to hear this story. And why not?…