“The Day Beyond Christmas” (A Christmas Poem)


The Day Beyond Christmas

“Hey! Good News has come here! I bring you Good News.”
That’s the message I heard as I woke from my snooze.
The daylight had gone, I had fallen asleep.
I was cold to the bone and darkness was deep.

I’m lonely at night like most young shepherd boys
With only some sticks and a staff as my toys.
That night as I lay near the sheep to stay warm,
I felt something o’re me that seemed to transform


My rest to a slumber, my sleep to deep dreams.
I dreamed of spectacular starry light beams!
And wide streams of lighting that fired up the sky,
And music and singing as angels flew by.

Two cherubs, three seraphs, all danced with a star.
Too many to count, they were both near and far.
Then two brilliant comets when ‘Whoosh’ through the air
They looped back and crisscrossed their colorful flares

Some of the stars made me of think of Spring flow’rs
Shot through with light from vast meteor-showers.
I shook from my slumber then heard the reviews:
“Hey! Good news has come here; I bring the Good News!

“Be still now and listen: A Baby’s soft cry!
And know that it’s HIM we announce in the sky.”
What is this? I thought in my dream as I slept.
The best news I’ve heard, that I’ll never forget.

The angels have known it, from when all began
That God loves His people, child, woman, and man.
And shows us tonight, with a star above earth,
He’s come to our life in this moment of birth!

And after that night, I was never the same.
The darkness around me lit up like a flame.
I’d heard angels sing and cry out like a bell,
“The Prince of God’s Peace has come! Emmanuel!”

So, what would you do if you heard that great news?
I woke up my sheep and I put on my shoes.
I ran ‘cross the meadows (My sheep nearly died!)
And came to a cave with a manger inside.

Both father and mother were holding child.
A small baby boy. He looked over and smiled.
Is this why I saw all the light in the skies?
The flying and flitting like great butterflies?

Is this why I noticed the cherubs abreast?
To shout that the world had tonight been so blest?
It must be! Wow! Glory! Just look at His face
The straw and stable were now holy space.

I stood there all night near the Child in the hay,
And thought and thought more until soon it was day.
His Peace gave me comfort and as the dawn came
I lay in the straw and my sleep overcame.

Before I dozed off, I remembered this too.
The Scriptures had said that this was to be true:
The One wrapped in cloths is a King without sin,
He’d lay down His life so that we’d rise again.

–David Roseberry

Published on

December 29, 2016


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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