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The Rev. Canon David Roseberry is Executive Director of LeaderWorks

I posted a video last week of Fr. Shawn McCain of RezAustin. This is part of an ongoing series at LeaderWorks to showcase some of the talent and ministry leaders in our Anglican Church in North American. (Shawn is with the Diocese of Church for the Sake of Other. Go to Leaderworks/interview here for other interesting interviews.)

Shawn’s video was fun to make. The first one (last week) was scheduled and we did it in ‘one-take’. After we turned off the recorder, we got into a very engaging discussion about the role of the Liturgy and the new church plant. I stopped the conversation right away and re-started my equipment. We talked, extemporaneously for the next 10 minutes. What you see is what we did.

On Anglican Pastor, we have met a number of leaders whose viewpoints are well-informed and well-reasoned. This is one of my ‘seasoned observations’ about the young leaders in our movement. They are thinkers. They have thought and reasoned their way to their understanding of faith and ministry. It is refreshing and very encouraging. If, in my role as Ex. Director of LeaderWorks, you’d like me to contact a leader for an interview, please let me know in the comment section of this blog. Or send an email to David (at) Leaderworks.org.

You will enjoy watching this: